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Matt Hetherington Appointed to Digital and Social Media Position at USA Table Tennis

By USATT | Aug. 03, 2016, 3:43 a.m. (ET)

Matth Hetherington & Kanak Jha

Matt Hetherington with US Men's Singles Champion Kanak Jha

Matt Hetherington Appointed to Digital and Social Media Position at USA Table Tennis

He came all the way from New Zealand to pursue a career in table tennis, ending up at Lily Yip Table Tennis Center in Dunellen as a full time coach, but now he has taken a full time role with USA Table Tennis as Digital and Social Media Coordinator. Matt comes from a table tennis background rich in experience over many elements of the sport. Coming through University with some specialization in Sport Marketing alongside his major of Economics, he is also an ITTF Level 2 accredited coach, a National Team Player for New Zealand and has built up a large social media following and a popular blog at which boasts coaching articles and interviews with top international players.

"The past few years have really expanded my passion for table tennis from playing and coaching into contributing to the promotion of the sport as well. I love to work with social and digital media platforms and it was an area I was really trying to find some new projects in. Essentially it was my dream job so I'm really happy to have this opportunity to help transform the image and delivery of media in the sport for the USA." Hetherington says. 

Already in his short time in the role USATT's social platforms have exploded as Matt brings new life and modernization to the helm. He has been able to provide round the clock updates through Facebook and Twitter including live stream videos and hundreds of event photos. He was on the ground covering Olympic Training and Exhibition in New Jersey, the US Nationals where he also stepped in to do commentary as well, the first USATT Super Camp and just this past week the Final Olympic Preparations in Houston, Texas. No rest for the wicked!

Hetherington has a portfolio of new plans he hopes to roll out in the job, "I'm very focused on modernizing media presentation of table tennis, so far I've been working with Facebook live streams more and increasing our video content coverage. I think in such a big country we should be able to bring the fans to the front row of the table no matter where they are. I've been working with the Olympic Team on improving their profiles and I'm also currently trying to improve the way we cover our tournaments across the nation. There are so many things we can do, it's just a matter of bringing them to the table so to speak." 

With Twitter stats rocketing week after week and Facebook impressions shifting from a meager 25,000 in a week to over 3.5 million, Hetherington is sure to bring new light to an area which he believes plays a strong role in promoting the sport in today's society, “It's an exciting time and I hope we can really build a presence among other US sports.”

With Rio just days away no doubt we will see him working endlessly to provide as much coverage as possible from Brazil, all from his home in Dunellen where he still continues to balance his new role with coaching part time. 

USATT are pleased to have him as a great new addition to the team!

Matt Hetherington & Yue Wu

Matt Hetherington with Pan Am Singles & Team Gold Medalist Yue Wu