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11 Questions with Cory Eider

By USATT | Sept. 14, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

 Cory Eider

USATT Insider poses 11 questions to US Doubles Champion Cory Eider

11 Questions with Cory Eider

1) Why do you play?

There are a couple reasons I play.  Number 1 is because it's something Judy Hugh and I can do together and it's fun to travel to tournaments.   The second reason I play is that I enjoy competing and challenging myself.

2) Which is your favorite tournament?

I have 2 favorite tournaments.  1 is the Butterfly Team tournament on Thanksgiving.  My second favorite is the National Championships.

3) Who is your primary nemesis? 

My primary nemesis is Tahl Leibovitz.  I am currently 1-0 against him in tournament play. :)

4) What is your favorite game tactic to score?

I don't really end the point early so I have rally tactics. My tactics vary from player to player and tournament to tournament depending on the conditions, and who I am playing against.

5) Thoughts on the Poly Ball.

The poly ball is awful.  Every time I find a good one I am shocked, and then it breaks.  They are also too expensive.  

6) Toughest Loss? 

My toughest loss was probably to Tim Wang in the 2013 National finals.  He's clearly better than I am but it's still tough to be that close and not win.  

7) Greatest Win?

My greatest win was against David Zhuang in the men's semifinals at the US Nationals in 2013.  

8) How you prepare for a tournament?

My long term preparation for a tournament is to play a lot of matches and a lot of smaller tournaments.  The week of the tournament I like to rest and get away from ping pong and make sure I get plenty of sleep.

9) When you see a new player at the club, what do you do?

When a new player comes into the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center we try and welcome them the best we can.  We need new players in this sport and we try and find them someone to play with who is close to their level.

10) Player you would most like to play in a tournament?

I would like to play Jimmy Butler in a tournament.  I have never played him before and he is having some great results.  When I was 12 yrs old he was my favorite player, and he gave me a butterfly warm-up suit at the US Open.

11) If you had to face Jimmy Butler, Lily Zhang or Kanak Jha what would your game plan be?

I have only played Kanak Jha of those 3 players and lost handily.  Playing any of them is a daunting task, but I would try to keep extending the rally as long as possible and compete until the end!

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