Women’s Hardbat Events at USATT Nationals

By Diann Darnall, President of Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis | Oct. 27, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

Women's Hardbat

Ladies who participated in the Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championships April 3rd -4th, 2015 at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

L-R: Andrea Gelvin, Eva Partyka, Betsy DeMay, Doron Partyka, Aporn Stein, Diann Darnall and Regine Hock.

Women’s Hardbat Events at USATT Nationals 

Calling all women, dust off your Hardbat and get ready for Vegas in December!  What… you don’t have a Hardbat, no problem; you still have time to get one. 

Classic Table Tennis is underway with new Hardbat events for women: 

Wednesday, Dec. 16th - #79-Women's Hardbat 40+ at 8:45am

Thursday, Dec. 17th - #81-Women's Hardbat 60+ at 11:00am

Saturday, Dec. 19th - #83-Women's Singles Hardbat Singles at 8:00am 

Hardbat is growing in interest across the country, as the game is easy to learn for beginners due to limited deception from spin.  Hardbat games give rise to longer rallies making it a strategic (good for your brain) and aerobic (good for your heart) activity. What our club, Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis (FITT), has noticed is the gap between experienced and a beginner player narrows in the Hardbat game, which results in more fun for everyone. OK, a little warning here: there is so much joy in the rallies that it really can hook you and can be addicting. 

Last April FITT hosted the first Women’s Singles Event in Alaska at the Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championships.  At least 4 Alaskans are planning on competing in Las Vegas in these historic women’s events. 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player come join us for Women’s Hardbat at the USATT Nationals.  In addition to the events listed above, there will also be rated Hardbat Events <1500, <1800, and <2000 and a doubles event for mixed age and gender competition. 

Let’s have some fun! Come play Hardbat! 

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