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State Championships in Every U.S. State in 2016

By Larry Hodges | Oct. 22, 2015, 9:37 p.m. (ET)

State Championships in Every U.S. State in 2016 

October 21, 2015

Dear Table Tennis Leaders, 

USA Table Tennis is making it a goal to have State Championships in all 50 states – and we'd like to do it in 2016. We want to turn these events into major events for both the players and the media. Here is a listing of all fifty states and which ones have a 2015 State Championships (including those with a State Games). 

For most players, the State Championships should be one of the most important events of the year. Many can compete to become a State Champion, whether it be in men's or women's singles, a senior event, a junior event, hardbat or sandpaper, a rating event, or doubles. It gives them something to train and look forward to. It's also the time when players from all over the state get together for table tennis and fun, usually ending with everyone going out for dinner together. 

We'd like to celebrate these champions by commemorating them on a USATT State Champions Page as well as on the USATT News page. We'd also like to have an annual Parade of Champions at the U.S. Nationals or U.S. Open, where, between matches during the showcase events, we invite all the attending state champions to take a march around the playing arena as the crowd cheers. 

We'd like to turn these State Championships into major events in the local media. To do this, the tournament director or publicity director would simply Google the local TV, radio, and newspaper listings to get contact emails. Then, the week before the tournament, send them press releases inviting them to cover the tournament. Afterwards send them a follow-up press release that they can use. 

To get this done, we need your help. In states where there are no State Championships we need volunteers or entrepreneurs to set up and run these tournaments. It's not hard to do so; all that you need to know is in the USATT Tournament Guide. It includes info on getting a referee, sanctioning, events to run, etc. (For info on getting referees and umpires, see the USATT Rules and Officiating page.) Here is the Tournament Directors Info Page.

Here is a sample State Championship entry form. You'll need to fill in the local info where indicated. Feel free to make changes – design it for your state's needs. You get to choose which and how events you'd like to run (you don't have to run 22 events!), and schedule them as you see best. It can be a one-, two-, or even a three-day event starting on Friday night. 

Here are USATT regulations regarding Closed Tournaments, from the USATT Tournament Guide:

7. Closed Tournaments.

7.a. Tournaments may be limited either geographically or organizationally. Closed tournaments may have star ratings by meeting the criteria in the Sanction Request Form.

7.b. Eligibility: To play in a closed tournament players must have lived in the area or have been members of the organization for at least 3 months prior to the tournament. Active military personnel and full time students may play in closed tournaments both at home and where they are stationed or go to school. The sponsor may specify a different residence or membership requirement. The sponsor may also modify qualifications such as: "Residents of State or non residents who are regular members of clubs in the state." The detailed eligibility including any such modification must be specified in the entry blank.

7.c. Two or more closed tournaments will not be sanctioned for the same date(s) if their areas of eligibility overlap.

7.d. States may hold only one state championship in a year.

7.e. States may not require U.S. citizenship to compete.

If you would like to run a 2016 State Championships, or have any questions, please contact the appropriate person below, and contact me to let me know you are running one, or for general questions. We thank you for helping to develop the sport in this country! 


Larry Hodges
USATT Regional Associations Coordinator and At-Large Director on USATT Board of Directors


  • For info on running tournaments (including USATT sanctioning), see the USATT Tournament Guide, or contact Larry Rose, USATT Tournament Committee Chair.
  • To find your Regional Sanctioning Coordinator, see the USATT Tournament Coordinators page.
  • For info on getting a referee or umpires, see the USATT Umpires and Referees page, or contact Joseph Yick, USATT Umpires and Referees Committee Chair.
  • For info on doing a direct mailing to players in your state (email or regular mail), contact Andy Horn, USATT Membership Director.
  • For info on publicizing your State Championships, contact Richard Finn, USATT Media Director.
  • For info on publicizing your events on the USATT web page, contact Sean O'Neill, USATT Webmaster and Social Media guide.
  • For general info, contact Larry Hodges, USTT Regional Associations Coordinator.