Tiered Super Round Robin Event

May 19, 2015, 2:42 p.m. (ET)

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Tiered Super Round Robin Event

The 2015 US Open is less than two months away, and registration is available online, so if you haven’t yet, take this chance to sign up for all the events you would like to participate in!

This year’s US Open promises to be the best one yet, with over 1,000 players expected to participate, as well as some exciting events, including the always popular Tiered Super Round Robin (Also known as Giant RR) Event. The event, which has a first place prize of $300, will be held on Monday, July 6.

The Tiered Super Round Robin is a fun and exciting event that, based on its unique format, gives everybody plenty of opportunities to play in competitive matches. The format of the event breaks down like this: The format of the event breaks down like this:

  • The first Round Robin (RR1) will consist of five players, which are seeded based on ratings from A-E. Each group will consist of an A, B, C, D and an E player.
  • Based on the results from RR1, players will then be placed into a second Round Robin (RR2) of five to six players. For example, each of the group winners from RR1 will be placed in “A” division RR2 groups, etc.
  • The winners of RR2 groups will then be placed into a single-elimination tournament in each category (A-E)

USA Table Tennis CEO Gordon Kaye has taken notice of the popularity of the event, citing the guarantee of more than just a few matches as a key selling-point. “It’s a great event, because regardless of your results in the original round robin, you still get more matches after that,” explained Kaye. “It’s not like most events where if you don’t finish first or second in your group, you’re finished. Instead, you’re placed in another group, and you get four more guaranteed matches.”

Because of the format of the event, every player will play a minimum of eight matches, meaning that it is an event that really gives every player the most bang for their buck.

If this sounds like an event that you’d be interested in, click on the registration link at the top of the article to sign up. But hurry, this is a popular event, and spots are filling up fast!