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2015 US Open 41 Point Handicap Chart

By USATT | May 05, 2015, 2:40 p.m. (ET)

The 2015 US Open is just two months away, and registration is now available online, so if you haven’t already, take this chance to sign up for all the events you would like to participate in by clicking here! 

This year’s US Open promises to be the best one yet, with over 1,000 players expected to participate, as well as some exciting new events, including the highly anticipated 41-Point Handicap Event. The event, which has a first place prize of $200, will be held on Friday, July 10 and is open to all USATT rated players.

The 41-Point Handicap Event is a fun, new and exciting event that gives everyone a chance win a “US Open Title”, even if they’re playing against far more experienced players. In essence, the event attempts to put every player, regardless of skill level, on an even playing field by giving a lower rated player a set handicap when going up against a higher rated player. For example, under this format, a very young or inexperienced player with a rating under 1000 could go up against an elite level player with a ranking of over 2500. In this scenario, the elite level would spot the sub-1,000 rated player 33 points in a game to 41.

USATT Club Representative Director, Ed Hogshead, has seen just how popular these events can be. “Every time we have this event at a tournament, the crowd has gotten really into the event, because there is routinely a player rated under 1000 competing against an elite player over 2500. Many times the game goes to 40-all before one wins,” Explained Hogshead. “I have seen an 8-year-old defeat an Olympic medal winner after the Olympian spotted the junior 33 points and the game was tied at 40. The junior miraculously returned a kill shot and then served on the edge to win the $500!”

Due to the unique nature of this event, inexperienced players will get the chance to see what it’s like to play against the best, and will still have a chance to challenge them, despite the range in skill!

Here is the Handicap Chart:

41 Point Handicap Ratings Chart

If this sounds like an event you’d be interested in, click on the registration link at the top of the article to sign up!