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History of USATT - Volume XV - Chapter 18

By Tim Boggan | March 30, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

Insook Bhushan.  Photo Courtesy of Mal Anderson.

1987 Pan Am Games 3 x Gold Medalist - Insook Bhushan

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1987: World’s Richest Tournament: China’s Teng Yi Takes Title at $60,000 555 World Cup.  European Junior Top 12. European Youth/Cadet Championships. Grubba’s Grenzau Wins European Club Cup. U.S. Wheelchair Star Jennifer Johnson Scores in Vienna. Canada’s Joe Ng and U.S.’s Insook Bhushan Are Pan Am Winners. England’s Leeds Permanent Building Society Provides the English TTA with an Unheard of 500,000-Pound Sponsorship; Poland’s Grubba is Leeds Master at Wembley; Quang Bui is Interviewed and Insook Bhushan Reports on the Polish Open.