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Coach Yu sets the bar for others to follow to become better coaches!

By Sean O'Neill/USATT | Aug. 12, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

Yang Yu

USA Table Tennis is proud of the work of the our Coaching Committee and the support of the ITTF Coaching Certificate Program.  ITTF Course Instructors like Richard McAfee, Christian Lillieroos, Sydney Christophe, and Larry Hodges have made it possible to allow coaches to share knowledge and learn the latest techniques, tactics, nutrition, psychology, physiology, Para and organizational information.

One coach that continues to shine among his peers is Coach Yang Yu of the Austin Table Tennis Club.  

Coach Yu was selected as a 2014 recipient of the Coach of the Year for USA Table Tennis.  The primary research that led to the coaching award was a detailed study of the tools available to players of different rankings. With an outstanding score, Yang became one of USATT first ITTF Level 3 Coaches (along with Roger Yuen). In addition, Yang produced the new edition of the USA Table Tennis Club Development Handbook, and received many positive comments from club leaders. The work Coach Yu has undertaken for the development of table tennis in the United States has already had and will continue to have big impacts. ITTF course conductor, Mr. Richard McAfee comments about Yang’s achievement that "it is great to see a 'young' coach with so much drive to make a difference in our sport in the USA.”

Both of Coach Yu’s papers were accepted and presented at the 14th ITTF Sport Science Congress and the 5th World Racquet Sports Congress in Suzhou, China. Coach Yu plans to continue to explore methods through which to increase knowledge of and enthusiasm for table tennis at all levels of play. 

If you haven't had a chance to sign-up for a USATT/ITTF Certified Coaching Clinic check out the next one in your part of the country! To Coach Yu and the rest of our aspiring coaches, we are counting on you to help us compete with the best in the world and to grow the sport to all 50 states!