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2015 Hopes Program Update

By Ben Nisbet | April 29, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

2015 ITTF Hopes Program

2015 ITTF/USATT Hopes Program Update

Congratulations to all HOPES athletes and their families! Alameda TTC and AITTA ran terrific camps and tournaments. Please click here for Alameda and here  for AITTA camp and tournament results.  We also have some great photos from Alameda from AITTA.

The USA Team of twelve have now been selected to play against an equal sized Canadian HOPES contingent to determine, the sole boy and girl to represent North America at the HOPES International Camp and Tournament in Shanghai China from June 29 - July 5 2015. This continental HOPES tournament will be held in Toronto, Canada between May 15 - May 17 2015.

The 2015 USA HOPES participants are:


  1. Rachel Sung            Automatic Qualifier
  2. Joanna Sung           Automatic Qualifier
  3. Tina Chen                 Alameda 1st  position
  4. Angie Tan                 AITTA 1st position
  5. Ava Fu                       Alameda 2nd position
  6. Tiffany Ke                  AITTA 2nd position


  1. Aditya Godhwani     Automatic Qualifier
  2. Nikhil Kumar            Automatic Qualifier
  3. Sahil Puri                  Alameda 1st position 
  4. Matthew Lu               AITTA 1st position
  5. Shawn Fong             Alameda 2nd position
  6. Len Yang                  AITTA 2nd position

Should there be cancellations, the USATT Junior Committee is prepared to quickly select alternates to fill vacated positions, based on the results of the two tournaments and historical table tennis ratings.   

Please take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of all Hopes participants and to wish the USA Hopes youth the best of luck in Canada. Thank you Alameda and AITTA for hosting the Hopes camps and qualification tournaments! 

Respectfully submitted

Ben Nisbet – Chair USATT Junior Committee