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Ariel Hsing joins JinHua Bank team for the 2014 China Super League

May 26, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

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Ariel Hsing joins JinHua Bank team for the 2014 China Super League

Ariel HsingAriel will play fourteen team matches in this year's China Table Tennis Super League.  Ariel graduated from Valley Christian High School in San Jose last year and is currently attending Princeton University. Despite the hectic college life, she still practices regularly and has helped the Princeton Table Tennis Women's Team to win its first TMS College Table Tennis National Championship title, and has also won the Women's Single Championship. According to Ariel's agent Yunliang Wang, Princeton's table tennis team is one main reason Ariel chose Princeton over Yale, so Hsing could keep practicing and improving. 

Ariel will complete her school final exams on May 25. Her agency "China Cyber" originally suggested Ariel to take a break and come to China in the middle of June, but Ariel insisted on joining her team in China right after school was over. 

Ariel will arrive in Beijing on May 27, take another flight to HangZhou, and then arrive in JingHua. She will make an appearance at the May 28th team tie, but won't play matches due to anticipated jet lag. There will be a brief welcome ceremony, gift exchanges, and team uniform exhibitions in JingHua, said her agent Yuliang Wang, and some fans will be invited to participate in the interaction. 

Ariel Hsing is an authentic college player. Her skill and experience are relatively weaker comparing to the professional players in China, but the club fancies her market value and growing potential. Club general manager "Hai Si" said it bluntly: Ariel's high popularity and market value are the main reason we signed her. We put more emphasis on her ability to raise our team's business value rather than her current competition records.  Judging by her ability to study at Princeton University, we believe she is a fast learner and hard worker, and the training and coaching in China will help her tremendously. 

After playing a few tournaments in China, Yuliang Wang said, Ariel has earned the title as the "beautiful player." During this trip she will play the China Open from June 4th to June 8th in ChengDu, and then play fourteen out of the eighteen Super League matches. Ariel will go back to school on August 29th after the league is completed.  

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