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2014 US Open Blog - Deadlines! Deadlines!

By Dell and Connie Sweeris | May 15, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

Connie & Dell Sweeris
Connie & Dell Sweeris 

Having just completed my 45 year career in public accounting, I thought I was through with deadlines. However, we have one more to go. May 18, 2014. 

What is interesting is that without deadlines, you have to wonder what would happen. Some folks (Connie for one) like to do things as soon as you can. I have found that most people are not that way. So April 15 for me has been an interesting day for as long as I can remember. 

I checked with my dealineologist, Jim McQueen, as to what an extended deadline will do to those that wait till the last minute. He advised that we should expect to have those folks wait till the last minute :-( . 

Please go to the web page and get registered by the deadline. We need your vote, I mean entry.

We have done our best to plan a great time for all entrants. 

In looking at the list of entrants, it looks like there are great opportunities for some in the over 60 and up categories (except Dan Seemiller is now 60). 

Avoid the $75 penalty for entering after May 18 and get your entry in now. 

47 days & counting!!!