News From New York

By Bill McGimpsey & Ben Nisbet | May 05, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)


Bob Chen (2735) of China won the April 26 and 27, 2014 tournament at the Westchester Table Tennis Center (WTTC) in Pleasantville, NY, playing his last tournament in the US before returning to China.  He beat Kai Zhang (2704) of the WTTC in the final.  Kai had beaten Bob in the Westchester tournament in March, so they broke even in Pleasantville.

Xin Xu Anthony Zhao

XinXu (Anthony) Zhao (NYC) serves against Damien Provost of Monaco

XinXu (Anthony) Zhao (2564) of NYC, a frequent participant at the WTTC open, had his best appearance ever at the Westchester open.  He took down a very tough Byeong Cheol Lee (2368), a Korean player, now living in NYC in the eights.  Then he defeated the third seed, Damien Provost (2647) of Monaco in the quarters in straight sets.  In the semis he met Bob Chen, the tournament winner, and give Chen his toughest test before losing in the 5th game.

Adar Alguetti

Adar Alguetti (NJ) serving to Scott Lurty (NYC)

All three Alguetti boys – Gal (2345), Sharon (2323) and Adar (2221) - had a memorable tournament with some big matches, some excitement and even a little controversy.

Most pronounced was Sharon reaching the final of the Under 2350, while Adar and Gal faced off in the other semi final of the same event.  All other contestants in the U-2350 had been routinely discharged by the Alguetti clan.  Now they were faced with their toughest choice: having to play each other.  It is a family covenant of sorts that the brothers never complete against each other in formal competition - only in practice.  So the 2350 event was left as unfinished business.

Regarding the controversy, there was a disputed edge ball in the fifth game of the U-2500 quarters between Gal and Vladimir Shapiro (2314) that resulted in about 10 minutes of discussion. It was finally resolved by a point replay. Then there was a hotly contested match in the round robin section of the Open between Gal Alguetti and Damien Provost.  Gal’s first game win against the 300 point higher rated Damien, resulted in a highly spirited match.

The Alguetti boys often practice at the WTTC.  The club welcomes visitors and is open for table tennis seven days a week.  For detailed results of the April tournament see: