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By Michael D. Cavanaugh | March 26, 2014, 7:28 p.m. (ET)

Webmaster Note: This was an email that Mike Cavanaugh sent out to personally to thank 40 USATT volunteers and partners.  Here is a link to USATT's Chairman of the Board Mike Baubin's feature article on Mike and Joyce's pending departure.



Michael D. CavanaughFirst, a disclaimer; whenever you start a thank you list, invariably some very deserving folks are left off.  That is what I face in crafting this note. I sometimes wear my emotions on my shoulder for all to see and crafting this note gives me a lump in my throat and watery eyes.  Over the years I worked closely with many of you but Doru, Deborah, Joyce, Andrew, Peter Scudner, Mike Babuin and Dennis Taylor provided the most precious and valued relationships. Again, that list could easily be expanded to 40 or more. 

It WAS a difficult decision to leave Table Tennis and the difficulty comes from the many, many sincere and dedicated folks who work tirelessly to try and move the collective Table Tennis movement in the USA along in a positive direction.  This applies to the staff I work with, the Board that I answer to and the membership that I tried to serve.  The vast majority accepted me from the get-go without having earned my stripes and many made it very easy to make me want to do my very best while on my watch!  It is a fact that the folks on the To… and Cc… list above made me want to come to work every day to try and serve the sport and our athletes.  I tried my very best to be a solid representative of the best of USA Table Tennis in everything I was involved with domestically and internationally. 

A sincere thank you to the Staff, the Board, Committee leadership and members and to other members of USATT.  Clubs, Coaches and Athletes are the pillars of USATT and my regret is that I couldn't do and provide more for these deserving groups. Thank you for allowing me to feel like a member of the TT family.  The sporting world in the USA is surprisingly small and I look forward to crossing paths with many of you over time. I will miss you all more than you will know! 

Fondly, Warmly and Sincerely,  
Michael D. Cavanaugh