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Planning Underway for Even Greater 2015 Cary Cup

By Barbara Wei | March 19, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

2014 Cary Cup 
Winner Li Kewei and Tournament Director
Mike Babuin

As players return home and the lights dim at Cary’s Bond Community Center, Cary Cup tournament director Mike Babuin and his team of Cary Cup experts are already thinking and planning next year’s event.  

Mike started the Cary Cup event in 2002 to create a tournament that would stand out from others, where players could compete in many matches at a range of levels. From its humble beginnings in 2002, to its star status in 2014, the Cary Cup has consistently attracted top players from around the country. Mike, Butterfly and the City of Cary have taken on this event as a way to showcase the benefits of working together with the local community to put on a highly successful 4-Star USATT tournament.  

As the tournament continues to grow and attract more and higher level players, Mike and his team are considering many new upgrades and changes for the 2015 event. Although Mike prides himself on the ability to create a top quality event, including solid prize money, quality trophies, and a personal touch for the players, he hopes to keep growing and improving into the future. Although the plans are still tentative, 2015’s Cary Cup may feature many changes for the better including additional court space, increased media/promotional activities, and the ability to accommodate more players.

Congratulations Mike, Town of Cary, and Butterfly for putting on an event to remember this past weekend. To relive the experience, please view the live streaming video on