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By Bill McGimpsey & Ben Nisbet | June 05, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)


Kai Zhang (2699) won the May open tournament at the Westchester Table Tennis Center (WTTC) in Pleasantville, NY.  It was the 10th time he has won this event.  He beat Jishan Liang (2581) of NYC in the final, 3 games to 1.  

It was a well-played hard fought match, with Jishan playing a classic left-hand loop spin game into Kai’s relentless forehand and backhand attack.  In the end, it was Kai who dominated with his over the table short game and return of serve.  This enabled him to open up more often and drive Jishan away from the table and into unsuccessful counter loop rallies.  Stay tuned though, Jishan now lives in the New York area and is certain to make the necessary adjustments.  The next time these two face each other should be a great match.  A video of the finals is accessible by clicking onto Westchester Table Tennis’s website link below.

Jishan Liang vs Kia Zhang   

Jishan Liang vs Kia Zhang at the WTTC open in May, 2014

The other big story of the tournament was the surprising play of three players from the Province of Quebec in Canada: Jean-Philippe Gagnon (2314), Antoine Bernadet (2262) and Marko Medjugorac (2207).  Each performed beyond his outdated USATT rating.  In fact the lowest rated of the three; Marko Medjugorac won the U-2500 event, making him the lowest rated player ever to do so.  He beat Gal Alguetti (2343) three straight in the final.

In the April tournament it was the Alguetti brothers (Gal, Sharon and Adar) who created quite a fuss by their excellent play.  This time they faced severe competition from the Canadians.  In the U-2350, Gal took revenge for his loss in the U-2500 by beating Jean Philippe Gagnon in the final, but in the same event his brother Adar would fall to Medjugorac in straight sets.

Next month the WTTC open promises to be even more special.  Bojan Tokic of Slovenia, currently ranked #54 in the world, will be attending.  He will be the highest rated player ever to play at Westchester.  He is planning on holding a coaching clinic on the Friday 27 June, 2014, the day before the tournament, so you can come and make it a full table tennis weekend.  For details see:

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