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2015 Para Team Selection

By Jasna Rather | July 31, 2014, 12 p.m. (ET)

2015 Para National Team Selection 

On January 25, 2015, USATT will name 8 members to the US Para National Team in recognized classes of the International Table Tennis Federation’s (ITTF) Para Division for Singles competition.  There is no gender-specific maximum-minimum.

To qualify for selection to, and maintain a position on, the 2015 Para National Team an athlete must:

  • Have a current classification card issued by ITTF
  • Have participated in at least one (1) ITTF Para Event in 2014 to demonstrate recent activity
  • Be listed on the Para ITTF World Ranking List as of January 1, 2015
  • Be a US Citizen & a current member in good standing of USA Table Tennis
  • Sign and adhere to the USATT/USOC Code of Conduct agreement
  • Join the USADA out-of-competition testing pool
  • Participate in all 2015 USATT fully funded Para National Team program activities such as camps, tournaments and fundraisers. Absences for family or medical excuses must be verified
  • Send quarterly log on practice to Para NT Coaches
  • By being on the Para National Team, Para National Team Member is committing to do daily/weekly practice to improve game 

Each Para Class may qualify no more than 2 members per class based on the following criteria, which are listed in order. 

1st criteria (Elite) for being named to 2015 US Para National Team (priority in order as numbered below and only if events had 5 or more players participating) :

  1. Event Singles Medalist of the 2014 Para World Championship
  2. Event Singles Gold Medal of one ITTF PTT class 40 point tournament (in 2014)
  3. Event Singles Gold Medal of one ITTF PTT class 20 point tournaments (in 2014)

2nd Criteria for being named to 2015 US Para National Team – Paralympic Competitive Analysis:

Based on the number of athletes that have qualified from criteria 1, the remaining team members will qualify on a competitive level equation within each of their classes. 

To determine the level of Paralympic competitiveness, the player should divide their current Para ITTF rating points (January 1, 2015) by that of the #1 rated player in their class to get a percentage.  The athletes with the highest percentage will be placed on the team in their rank order.

Note: Selection for the 2016 US Para National Team will be based on results and participation from 2015.