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2014 US Open Blog

By Dell and Connie Sweeris | July 23, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

2014 US Open Final Blog

It has been over 2 weeks since the conclusion of the 2014 US Open. I am almost rested enough to reflect on the total project. 

Participants - The original goal was to have great participation. By this was meant quality of field & a large draw overall. This goal was reached even though it took the last minute entries to remove the doubt of it succeeding. 

Publicity - We worked with a new public relations firm (through West Michigan Sports Commission) this year. Blue Blaze Public Relations got up to speed with table tennis pretty quickly & got the word out to TV, Newspapers & other forms of media to the effect that we had great coverage. Her report of the 20 media occurrences can be found at the bottom of the page. In addition to the media with the event, we teamed with Gilda's Club in GR to stage a match between Judah Friedlander & myself during Laughfest which was very well received especially through social media. 

Profit - Even though we are a not for profit entity, we try to have positive revenue over expense to help support the activities of the USA Table Tennis. We reached this goal because of local sponsorships, national sponsorships & the large number of entries. To see the final list of sponsors raised locally go to here.  The prize money was increased by $23,000  from 2013 even though we did not receive any stipend from the ITTF as we did in 2012 & 2013. The US Tennis Association runs their US Open & raises enough money to support their entire program for the whole year. We do not currently have 2 elements that they have that being gate receipts & a TV contract. 

Presentation - This year we tried to present the matches in a fashion that would give participants a chance to see more action. The idea was to have all matches in the 7 top events played in the arena once they got to the strong part of the draw. The other thing we tried was to have 8 other tables where the other 76 events would finish their matches. This way you could zero in on where the significant matches were being held.

Partnership - This event is a partnership between the USATT, NATT & the LOC. To a great extent we worked together very well. USATT promoted the event from entry blank to the deadline. NATT administered the event  with few major hick ups. The LOC did a great job in procuring volunteers & sponsorships. There was a breakdown in the first idea. The men's singles were done according to plan. The women's singles were not. The other 5 main events were mainly conducted on the 8 tables. Because of this, there were still times where there were gaps in the arena. In the Mixed Doubles, the one event where the sponsor of the event came to present the trophy, the match was played outside of the arena on table 7. Since this was a new idea, we should applaud the attempt. I hope that it will become the norm & we will get better at carrying it out. 

Kanak Jha

Problems - The biggest problem that I can see was the draws. The best that I can tell the draw was put together using the world rankings as the chief factor. While other factors were not ignored, they were not given enough weight. The result was that some very good players were eliminated in the qualifying round of the Men's singles & some highly seeded players were eliminated in early rounds. Additional factors could have been incorporated into the draw. USATT ratings, former world rankings & country of participant (some Chinese & Japanese were unseeded). One example is Kanak Jha who was seeded but eliminated in the first round of the Men's Singles by a player with a USATT rating of 2748. I wanted to get to watch Kanak more since he had just come off the North American Cup victory. 

Promise - The tourney shows promise. With more prize money & additional improvements, the US Open can become what it should be. Hope to see you next year in Vegas.


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