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Yue Wu Crowned Women’s Champion at 2014 Aurora Cup

By Barbara Wei | Jan. 19, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

Yue Wu

Yue Wu (2533), likely not pleased with her early exit from the Open event on Saturday, came back in style on Sunday to win the Women’s Singles event.

The Women’s event was especially strong, with the top two seeds traveling many miles to compete in the event. Top seed and champion Yue Wu traveled from New York City where she plays in the New York Table Tennis League and coaches in her spare time. Second seeded and eventual finalist Yitong Liu (2393) traveled with team mates Diwei Shi and Mingyu Shi from the Atlanta Table Tennis Academy.

Yue Wu won the final over Yitong Liu 4-1. Both players are extremely consistent and fast. Yue Wu loops strongly from both sides and Yitong Liu attacks with a spiny forehand and well placed blocks on her backhand. Yitong Liu was able to take the second game and keep the match close due to her touch on her backhand, and her ability to move her opponent from one corner to the other. However, Yue Wu’s was able to control the rallies and force errors from Yitong Liu, which eventually won her the match.

Local players Maria Kretschmer (2233) and Barbara Wei (2206) were semi-finalists in the Women’s singles event.