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Transition of USA Table Tennis Magazine to a Digital Publication

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Feb. 13, 2014, 5 p.m. (ET)



DATE:  FEBRUARY 12, 2014


   On January 21st, the USATT Board voted to transition USA Table Tennis Magazine into a fully digital publication in early 2014. The transition to the digital platform will begin with the March/April issue.   Discussions about how best to reach and serve USATT members, table tennis players and enthusiasts, and the organization in general have long been a part of Board meetings.  And, in fact, there have been regular discussions about a digital magazine for nearly a decade.

   The time is finally upon us.  The digital age has reached a vast majority of the readers of the magazine.  In fact, USATT has experienced significant growth on our website and has been reaching a growing number of members through our electronic newsletter.  The transition to a digital magazine also serves to support other organizational goals: providing greater reach to recreational players, integrating with and supporting clubs and tournaments, integrating with the USATT web initiatives and helping to provide content and support to members, and driving users to the website, which will secure additional revenue through the USOC digital media agreements.  And, of course, the transition will also eliminate the print and postage costs which will save USATT resources and allow us to allocate our limited funding towards other organization initiatives. 

  We continue to try and add value to our membership by web streaming of major events.  For those watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, please mark your calendars to tune into our live WEBCAST of the 2014 U.S. National Team Trials from Texas Wesleyan University on March 7-9 on  Our great athletes will be fighting for berths to represent the USA in Tokyo this coming April at the World Championships!

   Any transition will bring challenges.  We will be reaching out to our sponsors to ensure that our mutually beneficial and synergistic relationships continue to thrive and present enhanced opportunities.  We will be offering advertisements in the digital publication that mirror the opportunities that have been available in print.  We will be working with tournaments and clubs who have used the magazine to reach members – to make sure that they continue to be able to promote their venues and events.  Magazine issues will be archived for future use.  Content will be more timely.

   Any transition of a publication from a print to digital medium is also likely to change the audience of the publication.  We will continue to make the magazine available to all members; however, delivery will now occur through the USATT website and links in the USATT E-Newsletter.  For those who prefer to read the magazine in a paper format, it will be possible to have the publication printed and delivered for a fee.  In the end, we expect to reach more readers than would ever have been possible via print.

   USATT is your organization.  As always, if the staff in the national office can be of any service to you, we can be reached at 719 866 4583!


Michael D. Cavanaugh                                                   

CEO, USATT