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Alguetti Brothers Interview

By Rahul Acharya | Dec. 28, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

I think most people in the world of USA table tennis know the Alguetti brothers - Adar (15 yrs), and the twins, Sharon and Gal (13 yrs). I've known the trio for a little over two years, pretty much since I started playing table tennis. We practiced at the same club and shared the same coach for some time.

I've got to know them as friends, and recently as competitors. I think most readers who have played with them would agree with me when I say they are tough competitors. They train hard and give it all they have during matches, but they also know how to have fun when not training.

This interview is special for me because it is the first one in which I'm interviewing kids my age and younger. And no, the interview was not done over texting :-) Hope you enjoy it!

Quick facts about Adar Alguetti:
Highest rating 2334
2014 USA Cadet Team Member
Former U13 Israel National Champion - Doubles

Quick facts about Sharon Alguetti: 
Highest rating 2364
2014 USA Cadet Team Member
Former U13 Israel National Champion - Doubles
Former U11 Boys Israel National Champion - Singles

Quick facts about Gal Alguetti:
Highest rating 2411
2014 USA Cadet Team Member
Former USA Mini-Cadet National Champion

From left to right: Adar, Sharon, and Gal
Photo credit: North American Table Tennis
With the Alguetti Brothers
Adar (red), Sharon (green), Gal (black)
1. How and when did you start playing table tennis?
Adar: At the age of six, I went to watch my dad play. I became interested and here I am.
Sharon: After my brother, Adar, won his first trophy, I also wanted one. So I started playing at the age of seven. Gal: I started playing at the age of seven. I was inspired to play after my brother, Adar, won his first trophy. 

2. What equipment do you use?
Blade: Rossi Force
Forehand rubber: Rhyzm
Backhand rubber: Rhyzm

Blade: Rossi Force
Forehand rubber: X-plode
Backhand rubber: Rhyzm

Blade: Fever
Forehand rubber: Rhyzm 425
Backhand rubber: Rhyzm 425

3. How often do you train?
Adar, Sharon, Gal: Almost everyday.

4. What are your goals with regards to table tennis?
Adar: To represent USA in the Olympics.
Sharon: To represent USA in the Olympics.
Gal: I want to represent USA in the Olympics and win it.

5. Is there one person who has made the biggest impact on your game?
Adar: My dad because he was the one who got me started with the sport.
Sharon: Definitely my dad because he puts in a lot of time, effort, and money into taking me for lessons and tournaments.
Gal: I would say my mom because she has supported me throughout my career.

6. Which one of you is the most competitive?
Sharon: I would say I am the most competitive. I don't like to lose, and when I do, I get quite upset.

7. Which one of you has the best work ethic?
Adar: That would have to be me because I work very hard during practices.

8. Which one of you is most mentally balanced during matches?
Gal: Me! I don't get mad regardless of how the opponent behaves and try to stay in control of the game during the entire match.

9. What is the biggest tournament that you have competed in?
Adar: ITTF Nikon 2014 Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open
Sharon: ITTF 2013 Canada Cadet and Junior Open
Gal: ITTF 2013 Canada Cadet and Junior Open

10. What is the most memorable match that you have played so far?
Adar: At the 2014 NA Teams, I played Nathan Hsu (2400+). I was down 0-2, but I finally woke up and fought my way back to beat him 3-2 12-10 in the fifth.
Sharon: In June of this year, I beat XinYang Yang (2500+).
Gal: Earlier this year, I beat Yahao Zhang (2500+). 

11. Who is your favorite international table tennis player? Why?
Adar: Jan Ove Waldner. I think Waldner played a smart game and he continued to improve even as he got older.
Sharon: Definitely, Jan Ove Waldner. He was very competitive and played smart. And I play like him.
Gal: It would have to be Jan Ove Waldner. He played a smart game and kept his emotions under control. I've never seen him get annoyed or lose his emotional stability during a match.

12. Are you doing any special preparation for the upcoming Nationals?
Adar, Sharon, and Gal: No, practicing hard as always.

Now, on to some personal questions:

13. What do you like to do when you are not playing table tennis?
Adar: Watch TV, especially Law and Order.
Sharon: Play soccer
Gal: Watch TV. My favorite series is Criminal Minds.

14. Who is the older twin?

15. Sharon, do you regret leaving soccer for table tennis?
No, although it was fun. Even though I played for a very competitive soccer club, I think I am better at table tennis and have a better chance of representing the USA in the Olympics for table tennis.

16. Do you, Sharon and Gal, gang up on Adar?
Sharon: Of course...
Gal: All the time!

17. What type of professional career would you like to pursue?
Adar: I don't know yet. 
Sharon: To play the super league in China.
Gal: Engineer.

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