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ITTF North America Bid Document Olympic Qualifications 2016

By ITTF | Dec. 23, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

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To: National Associations of ITTF North America, ITTF Hot Spot Centres, ITTF NA Sponsors and all municipalities 

It is brought to my attention today that the deadline for North America Qualification for Olympic Games has to be changed. 

ITTF North America will have to submit proposal to the ITTF by the end of January. Coming ITTF North America Board meeting, Westchester, January 17-18, will be perfect opportunity to evaluate applications. So, in new attachment you will find  the new deadline March 15th 2015. 

Previously announced date May 15th, 2015 was set up in September 2013 and confirmed at ITTF North America Board meeting on November  23-24, 2013. 

New deadline gives organizer four weeks to prepare bid. Having in mind coming holiday, I appreciate if you can send new document to all potential organizers. 


Dejan Papic



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