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2013 Election Notice and Process

By USATT | Sept. 26, 2013, 5 p.m. (ET)

2013 Election Notice / Process

The USATT Board of Directors is defined in the Bylaws to consist of 9 (nine) members. Three (3) members are defined as Independent Directors, one (1) member is defined as a Club Representative, two (2) members are defined as At Large Directors, one (1) member is defined as a National Organization Representative Director and 2 (two) are defined as Athlete Directors.  The Bylaws that define this structure can be found on our website at – click on NGB and then click to Bylaws. At the present time there exists an opening for an At Large Director.  This is to fill the seat vacated by Christian Lillieroos when he recently resigned to accept the position of Technical Director of the Mexican Table Tennis Federation.  This vacated term is through Dec 31, 2014.

The election process will be conducted under the authority of the USATT Nomination and Governance Committee (N&GC).  The N&GC, as approved by the Board of Directors, consists of the following individuals:

Khoa Nguyen – Chairman
Bob Fox
R. Lucinda McRoberts
Daniel F. Parker
Michael D. Cavanaugh - Liaison (non-voting)

Eligibility / Nomination Process

Any individual may be eligible for the At Large Director, provided he/she is a General Member at least 60 days before the Date of Record of December 27th and obtains and submits to the N&GC through the National Office, at least twenty-five signatures of support from current USATT members who are in good standing within the General Members.  Candidates shall submit their supporting documentation  (Conflict of Interest Form & Code of Ethics Form) to the Nationals Office starting on October 16 and they must be postmarked by November 16 to be considered valid.

Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated and they may attach a campaign flyer that is not to exceed one-page, 12 point font and single or double spaced; to include a head shot photo if so desired which will be posted on the website and sent in the November monthly E-Newsletter prior to the opening of the election voting period.  Candidates will also be given 3 three minutes at the USATT Annual Assembly in Las Vegas, the evening of December 18 to address those present with their campaign statement.

The election will open on November 27 with the voting process conducted on-line through Survey Monkey.  Instructions on how to vote on-line through Survey Monkey will be posted on the USATT website on or about November 15 and these instructions will be also be sent to all affiliated clubs and included in the November E-Newsletter.  Survey Monkey will have a coded password that can only be accessed by the U.S. Olympic Committee Audit Division who has agreed to serve in the election auditor position.  


This notice shall constitute the 90 day notice of the USATT Election Process and shall be published on the USATT website by September 26, 2013. The election period for the At Large Director is described as running from November 27, 2013 through December 27, 2013.  The key date for membership to be valid for participation in this election is October 27 and this satisfies the 60 day requirement as the Date of Record for this election process.

September 26:  Election Notice Posted on the USATT Website

October 16: Nomination period is open for the At Large Director

October 27: Date of Record for Electorate Membership

November 16: Nominations Closed for the At Large Director

November 22: Voting Process Posted on the USATT website for Survey Monkey access

November 27: Election Process is Open on-line through Survey Monkey

December 27: Election Process Closes (Date of Record)

January 6: Announcement on or about date

Respectfully submitted,

Nominating and Governance Committee

Khoa Nguyen
R. Lucinda McRoberts
Bob Fox
Daniel RF. Parker
Michael D. Cavanaugh