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By Michael D. Cavanaugh | May 20, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Michael D. CavanaughLast week in Paris, the ITTF held their Annual General Assembly (AGM) and Board of Directors Meetings, along with numerous other Committee Meetings, in conjunction with the World Championships.  You can read about results of the WC and the efforts of the USA players elsewhere as the purpose of this writing is to present observations and results from the ITTF Meetings. 

At the AGM, ITTF President, Adham Sharara, was elected for another four year term by a very significant margin over the challenge candidate, Stefano Bosi, from Italy. The final vote tally was 149 to 53!  Adham indicated in his pre-voting presentation that his goal in the next term was to take Table Tennis from a consensus Top 10 sport on the Olympic Program to a Top 5 position.  Executive VP seats went to  Thomas Weikert (GER), Petra Sorling, (SWE), Patrick Gillmann (NCL), Melecio Rivera (ELA), Khalil Al-Mohannadi (QAT), Cherif Hajem (TUN), Shi Zhihao (CHN) and Masahiro Maehara (JPN). 

The 2016 bid for the Teams WC went to  Kuala Lumpur (MAL) and the 2018 Teams WC was awarded to Halmstad (SWE).  The 2014 WC were previously awarded to Tokyo (JPN). The 2013 Junior WC were awarded to Morocco, the 2014 Junior WC were awarded to China and the 2015 Junior WC were awarded to France. 

Bonaire was accepted as the 218th National Federation within the ITTF and that places the ITTF just two NFs behind Volleyball as the world International Federation with the most registered NF members. 

USATT had nominated several members as candidates for ITTF Committee / Commissions that were approved by the USATT Board of Directors.  Here are the results of our nominations to the ITTF Committees  / Commissions: 

Dennis Davis – Juniors Commission Chairman

Azmy Ibrahim – Rules Committee Special Advisor

Sheri Pittman – Media Committee Special Advisor

Kagin Lee – Equipment Committee Corresponding Member

Dean Johnson – Veterans Committee Full Member

Linda Hsing – Technical Commission North American Continental Representative 

Note: Ashu Jain continues to serve as a member of the ITTF Athlete Commission as does Edward Levy on the PTT Athlete Commission.

There were numerous slight changes to some Bylaws and Rules which were passed, defeated, withdrawn or tabled and are deemed too numerous to mention with this posting.  One proposition that came from the Japanese TT Association had to do with the introduction of a device that would inexpensively and reliably  measure the bounce of a ball on a rubber.  This method was demonstrated by a professor from Osaka University with the understanding that the effort was being made to establish limits of maximum value of the bounce in empirical terms.  This was tabled until a test period had been completed.