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US Open Volunteers Needed

By Richard Lee | May 03, 2013, 12 p.m. (ET)

The 2013 U.S. Open will be held from Tuesday, July 2 through Saturday, July 6, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. Highly qualified Operations staff members such as yourself are necessary to make the tournament a success. We hope that you will be available during this time period to volunteer your services.

In return for your service at the tournament, you will be provided:

* Hotel Room (Share) - One-half room for six nights (arrival/check-in July 1st and check-out on July 7, 2013).

* Food per Diem - $40 per day-per shift worked.

* Travel allowance - $100 as a contribution towards your travel expenses ($25 for Nevada residents).

Each person will be assigned to work a 6 ½ hour shift daily.

Special Note: To ensure an appropriate staffing level at all times, if you are a part of the Operations staff, you will be able to play in a maximum of two events (one round robin and one single elimination) during the tournament. You must enter the tournament on your own and pay the appropriate entry fees.

USATT will book your room for six nights only. If you would like to come earlier, or stay later, you will have to contact the tournament hotel direct and make a room reservation for the extra days. Be sure to use reference: USA Table Tennis and book your reservation byJune 11, 2013 to get the tournament room rate of $59 per night (June 29-July 3) and $75 per night (July 4-July 9). Go to the U.S. Open homepage and click on Hotel/Transportation to book your reservation.

Due to the limited number of staff rooms, volunteers who want a private room or who want to stay with family at the tournament hotel must make their own reservation. USATT will reimburse 75% of half the room charge and add it to your per diem, travel allowance check.

If you have any questions or you are interested in volunteering, please send the following information to the US Open Volunteer Coordinator, Marynes Parra, at


If a volunteer is unable to attend the tournament, they must cancel their hotel reservation 72 hours prior to their arrival date and let me know also. If a no show fee of $75 is charged by the respective hotel for a reservation that was not cancelled, the volunteer will be responsible for paying the no show fee.

If a volunteer reserves a room in another hotel other than the official tournament hotel, USATT will not reimburse you for room charges. Travel and food per diems will be pro-rated if a volunteer works less than the five tournament days.



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