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Advisory Committee News

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Jan. 04, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Notice to the Membership

I have been directed by the USATT Board of Directors to send a notice to the membership requesting letters of interest from those members who would like to possibly serve as a Chairperson  or member of one of our Advisory Committees.  If someone is interested, please submit a one-page summary of your interest and qualifications that the Board can consider as they move to approve respective Advisory Committees for service in early 2013.

I am also attaching a Responsibility document that will help you to evaluate the expectations of Advisory Committee Chairpersons and members for service to USA Table Tennis. Please submit your letter of interest and qualification materials NO LATER THAN Jan 31, 2013 to my attention below.  

Please send in your submission of interest and qualifications to:

Michael D. Cavanaugh
CEO - USA Table Tennis
4065 Sinton Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Thanks in advance for your interest to serve USA Table Tennis through our Advisory Committee structure!

Michael D. Cavanaugh