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2013 US Open and US Nationals Announcement

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Feb. 15, 2013, 12 p.m. (ET)

The Membership Has Waited Long Enough: 2013 U.S. Open and 2013 U.S. Nationals Will be in Las Vegas!!

U.S. Open: July 2-6, World Tour - Americas Challenge July 3-6, U.S. Nationals Dec 17 – 21!

Las Vegas Convention CenterI wanted to provide some background as to why it has taken so long to provide the membership with an announcement for our primary events for 2013.  I’ll compress this so as to spare you with too many details.  I’ll start in September of 2012 when the USATT Board met in Colorado Springs for a scheduled meeting.  At that meeting a representative of Fort Lauderdale (FL), Florida made a presentation to the Board on their offer to host the 2013 U.S. Open in their city.  It was an attractive offer and our records indicated that that site was very well attended some years back and that perhaps the venue lighting level was below expectations.  FL indicated that they had upgraded their lighting levels and they funded a Board Member down to make a site visit.  It was confirmed that lighting levels had improved since our previous event held in their venue.  All seemed to be in line for a U.S. Open in FL. 

At about that time, the ITTF offered to help support the staging of a World Tour - Challenge Series (Americas Challenge) event in conjunction with our U.S. Open.  They indicated that they felt FL or Las Vegas would be attractive to potential participants.  Again, FL funded a site visit by one of the ITTF’s IRs and the light readings came in below minimum levels and FL sought out a method to supplement the lighting levels.  When the costs came in for that it was considered not cost effective!  Further, the ITTF directives for a World Tour - Challenge Series event are that there needs to be wooden sub-floors and FL was not able to readily identify a source for the needed sub-floor. 

Then, just prior to the 2012 U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas, we met with the LVCC officials per normal and we asked them if they had lighting levels that met the ITTF needs.  It turns out that they were just completing upgrades in most of their halls and in fact C1 and C2 were available and had the needed lighting levels.  As it turned out the LVCC lighting levels exceed the ITTF minimum of 1,000 lux and are between 985 and 1,100 throughout the building!  Next key question – did they have access to wooden sub-floors.  By chance they had booked a rather large basketball event in the LVCC that was to start about 10 days after the projected dates for our July U.S. Open and they were bringing in a significant number of wooden basketball floors that might be available for our use.  Again, to make a long story short, we have secured the needed wooden sub-floors for the ITTF World Tour - Americas Challenge.  So venue halls secured, venue lighting secured, wooden sub-floors secured and recently event streaming services secured and ITTF support was confirmed for the event.  The last item that remained was to secure a reasonable and suitable hotel for the 2013 U.S. Open and ITTF World Tour - Americas Challenge.  We sought out bids from three suitable properties and just this week made the decision to go with the Las Vegas Hotel as our official event hotel. 

Las Vegas HotelWe were very pleased with the participation levels for the 2012 U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas so we offered both 2013 events to the hotels we were considering.  Again, the Las Vegas Hotel was selected for both the 2013 U.S. Open and the 2013 U.S. Nationals. 

BTW – the ITTF World Tour - Americas Challenge event will include six events – MS, WS, MD, WD and M-U21 and W-U21!  We feel that this is a fit with our strategic plan to provide more international competition experiences for our growing pool of talented male and female athletes.

I do regret the delay in making this announcement but I trust it will be understood that a significant amount of background work and coordination needed to take place before we could commit ourselves to this ambitious plan.  The Board directive to staff is to conduct cost effective events and to make them an attractive and rewarding experience for the participants.

More detailed information on this will follow shortly – please mark your calendars and we will look forward to greeting as many of you as possible in Las Vegas!


Michael D. Cavanaugh

Domestic Entry & International Entry (click to download)

U.S. Open: July 2-6, World Tour - Americas Challenge July 3-6

Here is the information for the Las Vegas Casino and Hotel for the 2013 US Open.

Link for the Hotel: 

For players calling to make Reservations:

United Airlines – To obtain a discount on domestic flights, call Olympic Help Desk at 1 – 800 841 0460

and reference code of ZNYP740386 or the website -  Agreement Code - 740386  Z Code – ZNYP.

Reservation Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM Daily

Singles/Doubles Room Rate: $59.00 (June 29 – July 3) and $75.00 (July 4 – July 9). Additional person: $35.00 plus 12% tax