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Aerobic Table Tennis

By Kim Gilbert | Aug. 21, 2013, 9 p.m. (ET)

Aerobic Table Tennis 

A well-balanced life is what we all strive for, but finding that “just right” combination also requires a routine of cardiovascular exercise. Most people are looking for fun workouts that combine aerobic movement, sport, and music. Aerobic Table Tennis (the brainchild of England’s Steve Rowe) has seamlessly created this combination with a unique and innovative exercise solution no matter your gender, age, limitation, or level of expertise at the sport itself. 


Aerobic Table Tennis


“With such low levels of female participation, I was trying to think of ways to get more women involved in the sport of table tennis. So, I looked at what females like to do for exercise in general”, said Steve Rowe. “After some research I found out that most women like Aerobics, any form of exercise activity that includes music, and they prefer it in a group activity.” 

Table Tennis is a rhythmic sport so adding music is a perfect way to perform the drills in perfect sync to a good beat. Aerobic Table Tennis is a high energy fitness workout experience that combines the sport of table tennis with the benefit of burning calories. No table tennis experience is necessary and the sessions are for people of all abilities including complete beginners. The sessions are exciting and fun, not only do you burn calories and keep in shape, you strengthen heart and lungs, make friends and also learn to how to play the great Olympic and worldwide sport of Table Tennis!

Aerobic Table Tennis


Some of the drills are akin to shadow practice like in boxing, but the sessions are generally table tennis specific aerobic exercises (both on and off the table). Music is played to help you get into a high energy zone and amped for the agility speed ladders, small hurdles and cones, footwork drills, and drill with table tennis equipment and robots. 

What makes this routine so universal is that even beginners can experience the intense cardio workout of an elite athlete through movement simulation without the ball. Then eventually the ball is introduced adding a cognitive aspect to the exercises. Actually, table tennis is considered the “brain sport” by ABC’s Dr. Oz, but it is also an incredible cardiovascular sport when played at a high level. Aerobic Table Tennis truly allows the amateur to experience a professional workout. It has also been adapted by fitness centers, table tennis clubs, colleges, and school physical education programs as a main part of their curriculum. The training program tutorial with Iulia Necula, a former Olympian and Romanian Champion) is available online for individuals to take classes as well as an option to become an instructor or affiliate at  

Aerobic Table Tennis


The way the complete program works is when school starts Aerobic TT during PE lessons. They would then move onto the next step, which is to start a table tennis after school session. Then finally, and this is the main aim of the project, all children that want to increase their table tennis skills will be directed to the local table tennis clubs. This is great news for the clubs, as their female membership numbers will certainly increase! 

For table tennis clubs already set up, we have an option to become a provider. The club simply visits the website and purchases the “Become a Provider” option. This gives them access to resources to help them run Aerobic TT at their club. Also, any local schools that are running Aerobic TT will be directed to their club. Once a club becomes a provider, they will be listed on the “Find a Club” page on the website. Clubs will also be given permission to use the copyright logo for their own promotion of the project.

Aerobic Table Tennis 


Aerobic TT is endorsed and supported by the European Table Tennis Union, English Table Tennis Association, Table Tennis Wales, English Schools Table Tennis Association. The ITTF supports the project by adding many articles to their website. 

Ryan JenkinsRyan Jenkins, head coach and Development from Table Tennis Wales proclaims, “Aerobic TT is just what I've been looking for in engaging girls and women into our sport. Having had Steve down to deliver to hundreds of school pupils it actually works and we will work with Aerobic TT closely in the future to help Welsh table tennis and to promote healthy living and female participation. I urge more countries to partner with Aerobic TT today!”

In September 2013, Aerobic Table Tennis will be launched in schools throughout England and Wales, followed by worldwide promotions with the U.S. being first in line. So come and join an Aerobic Table Tennis Class, you never know you might just love the game of table tennis and make new friends. One thing is certain; you will have fun, keep fit, and burn a ton of calories!