Qualified Athlete Candidates Invited to Apply to Serve on USATT’s Athletes’ Advisory Council

By Ashu Jain | Oct. 27, 2012, 9 a.m. (ET)

Qualified Athlete Candidates Invited to Apply to Serve on USATT’s Athletes’ Advisory Council

October 27th, 2012

The USA Table Tennis is pleased to announce its nationwide application process by which qualified athlete candidates may apply to serve on the USATT Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC) for the upcoming quad (January 2013 through December 2016.)

A total of seven candidates will be selected to serve on the AAC.

There must be representation of both genders on the AAC. Therefore, the seven candidates that receive the most number of votes shall make it onto the AAC. Should both genders not be represented on the top seven candidates, then the next person of opposite gender shall take place of the 7th place same-gender person. In the event of a tie in vote-count, the Nominating and Governance Committee shall select from candidates that receive the same number of votes.

 Once the seven AAC members are selected, their first order of business shall be to elect the “First Athlete” and “Second Athlete.” The First Athlete shall chair the USATT AAC, serve as the Athlete Director on USATT’s Board of Directors, as well as the primary representative to USOC’s AAC. The Second Athlete shall serve on the USATT Board of Directors. There is also an alternate rep to USOC AAC, which shall be the Second Athlete only in the event the First and Second athletes are of opposite gender.

The tenure is for four years, from January 2013 through December of 2016. Each athlete has the ability to serve a second tenure if he/she is re-elected and meets the 10 year rule again.

All Candidates should share the core values USATT: Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, and Courage.

Candidates must have represented the United States in the Olympic, Paralympics, Pan American, Para Pan Ams, World Championships, or Para World Championships as recognized by the ITTF in the preceding ten years. These events collectively are designated as “Operation Gold events.” Applicants must be persons of the highest personal and professional integrity who, in conjunction with other members of the AAC, will collectively serve the long-term goals and interests USATT while primarily advocating for fair play and athletes’ rights.

Expected Time Commitments:

- AAC member:

  • AAC teleconferences (occasional) and email exchanges (frequent.)
  • Serve on at least one to two USATT committees.

- AAC “Second Athlete”:

  • Minimum requirements of AAC member.
  • Member of USATT Board. Must serve on multiple USATT committees and/or taskforces.
  • Possible alternate representation on USOC AAC. (Time commitment only in the event the primary USOC rep doesn’t attend meetings.) 

- AAC “First Athlete”:

  • Chair of USATT AAC
  • Primary Rep to USOC AAC (three meetings per year.)
  • Member of USATT Board. Must serve on multiple USATT committees and/or taskforces. 

Please keep in mind that the level of involvement is entirely up to your own commitment to making USATT a better organization overall while focusing on athletes’ needs and rights.

Timeline for Application Process:
- October 27th, 2012 - Official Notice (this letter.)
- November 2nd, 2012 - deadline by which all candidates must become members of USATT.
- November 23rd, 2012 - All candidates (whether nominated by someone else or self-nominated) shall submit all information required.
- November 24th-December 14th - Application review and voting period.

You must follow entire guidelines to be considered for the USATT AAC!

Interested persons should submit the following:
- Cover letter summarizing qualifications, expertise, and willingness to serve
- Detailed Resume/Curriculum Vitae
- Date of most recent Operation Gold event (World/Pan Am/Olympics/Para equivalents)
- Any potential conflicts of interest
- Any governance positions held in the past (if any)

The submitted information will be forwarded to all eligible voters for review.

All Applications for nomination must be submitted by November 23rd, 2012, and shall be submitted to Ashu Jain (ajain17@aol.com). You shall receive a confirmation email immediately upon submission of your nomination material.

The 2013 AAC will be announced before the end of 2012. The results will be published online as well as via email communication. There is an inaugural USOC AAC meeting January 18th – 20th in Portland, OR where the “First Athlete” shall represent Table Tennis.

In case of any questions at any point, please contact me at 732-925-2195 or via email at ajain17@aol.com.

Wishing you the best,
Ashu Jain

Below: Bylaw Sections pertaining to AAC and Athlete Director Positions. See www.usatt.org for complete bylaws.


Section 7.6. Election/Selection.

The USATT Board of Directors shall be elected and/or selected as follows:

1. Athlete Director: There shall be two (2) Athlete Directors, First and a Second Athlete, that are elected by athletes that meet the standards of “Elite Athlete” pursuant to Section 11.2 of these Bylaws. Pursuant to Section 11.3 of these Bylaws, the USATT Athletes’ Advisory Council shall elect from among its seven (7) members, two (2) USATT Athlete Directors to the Board.

Section 7.8. Tenure.

The term of office for a director of the Board of Directors shall be four (4) years. A director shall hold office until the director’s successor is elected and qualified, or until the director’s earlier resignation, removal, incapacity, or death. The initial board, as elected by December 17th, 2007, shall be elected under the “Staggered Board” subsection (7.9).

Section 7.10. Term Limits.

With the exception of the initial terms as noted in section 7.9, all Director terms will be four (4) years. Any tenure that extends two (2) years or more constitutes as a term served. Further, no director of the Board of Directors shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. Thus, if a Director serves for two (2) or more years, he/she may serve only one additional term. Whereas, if a Director has served for less than two (2) years, then he/she is eligible to serve two consecutive terms.

Section 7.11. Director Attendance.

Directors of the Board of Directors shall be expected to attend in person all regularly scheduled Board meetings, though for exigent circumstances a director may participate in a meeting by telephone. Directors shall be required to attend a minimum of one-half (1/2) of all regularly scheduled Board meetings in a calendar year in person. If any Director fails to attend more than one-half (1/2) of all regularly scheduled meetings, the Board shall evaluate the circumstances that caused the individual to fail to attend, and accordingly vote whether or not to remove the individual from the Board, as pursuant to Section 7.13.


Section 11.1. Designation.

USATT shall have an Athletes’ Advisory Council consisting of seven (7) individuals that meet the definition of Elite Athlete as described in Section 11.2. The Athletes’ Advisory Council shall be a standing committee that self-governs. Its first and foremost purpose shall be to protect the rights of athletes. The committee shall advise the USATT Board of Directors on any and all matters related to but not limited to: Athletes, the performance of Athletes, Competitions, Coaching, selection procedures, and other matters that the AAC collectively deems reasonable. The Chair of Athletes’ Advisory Council shall also nominate the Elite Athletes for USATT Committees.

Section 11.2. Qualifications.

In order to run for, nominate, or vote for USATT Athletes’ Advisory Council, one must meet the standards of an Elite Athlete. An Elite Athlete shall constitute an individual who has represented the United States as athletes in the Olympic or Paralympic Games, the Pan American or Para Pan American Games, or World Championships in the sport of Table Tennis within the ten (10) years since the completion of competition.

Only an Elite Athlete that is a United States Citizen as well as at least eighteen (18) years of age by the first date of his or her term may be eligible to run for election to the USATT Athletes’ Advisory Council.

Further, in order to be eligible to run or vote in the election of AAC, an individual must be and remain a member in good standing of USATT ninety (90) days prior to the date of the election.

Section 11.3. Election/Selection.

Seven (7) individuals that meet the criteria pursuant to Section 11.2 shall be elected to USATT’s Athletes’ Advisory Council as follows:

  1. An Individual may be nominated by an Elite Athlete or self-nominate.
  2. AAC shall be comprised of Elite Athletes that are selected by Elite Athletes.
  3. The Election shall take place every four years, prior to January 1st of the year following Summer Olympic Games.
  4. By a count of the total votes, seven (7) members shall be elected to the AAC. Both genders must be represented on the AAC; in case of an election of all same-gender athletes, the person finishing lowest of seven in the total vote count shall be replaced by the individual of opposite gender that received most votes.
  5. As the first order of business, the AAC Shall select, amongst itself, members to the USATT Board of Directors as well as the USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council as follows:

a. “First Athlete" shall be the individual with most cumulative votes and shall be:

i. The First Athlete Director on USATT Board

ii. USOC AAC Primary Representative

iii. The “First Athlete” shall be the Chair of USATT AAC

b. “Second Athlete” shall be the individual with the second most cumulative votes and shall be:

i. The Second Athlete Director on USATT Board.

ii. If and only if the Second Athlete is of opposite gender of the First Athlete, shall that individual serve as the Alternate Athlete Representative on USOC AAC.

iii. In the event both First Athlete and Second Athlete are of same gender, then the person of opposite gender that receives the most cumulative votes shall be the Alternate Athlete Representative on USOC AAC.

c. Only in the event one of the representatives of USOC AAC are selected to the USOC AAC LEADERSHIP, then the USATT AAC shall select from within itself a new Primary and Alternate Athlete to the USOC AAC. The First and Second Athletes as originally selected shall still serve on the USATT Board.

Section 11.4. Tenure. The term for the initial members of the Athlete Advisory Council shall be five (5) years, expiring on December 31, 2012 or until successors are elected.

Subsequently, the term for members of the Athletes’ Advisory Council shall be for four (4) years. A member shall remain on the Athletes’ Advisory Council until the member’s successor is elected and qualified, or until the member’s earlier resignation, removal, incapacity, or death.

Section 11.5. Term Limits.

No Athletes’ Advisory Council member shall serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Section 11.6. Chair.

The Athletes’ Advisory Council shall elect from among its members, a chair pursuant to Section 11.3. The term of office of the chair shall be four years. The newly elected chair shall take office immediately. The chair shall hold office until the chair’s successor is elected and qualified, or until the chair’s earlier resignation, removal, incapacity, or death.

Section 11.7. Procedures.

The Athletes’ Advisory Council shall establish procedures for conducting its business and affairs. Such procedures shall be published and available on USATT’s website.

Section 11.8. Open and Executive Meeting Sessions.

Ordinarily, all Athlete Advisory Council meetings shall be open to USATT members, and where appropriate, non-members. However, in the event the Athletes’ Advisory Council chair, with the consent of a majority of the Athletes’ Advisory Council members in attendance, deems it appropriate: (i) to exclude non-members at an open meeting for any reason, then the chair may declare that the meeting is closed, or (ii) to convene an executive session to consider and discuss matters relating to personnel, nominations, discipline, budget, salary, litigation or other sensitive matters, then the chair may specifically designate and call an executive session.

Section 11.9. Compensation.

Athlete Advisory Council members shall not receive compensation for their services as Athlete Advisory Council members. USATT may pay for the reasonable expenses of all members of the Athletes’ Advisory Council to attend Athletes’ Advisory Council meetings.