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Olga Feingold Kahan

By Tim Boggan | Oct. 26, 2012, 9 a.m. (ET)

Remembering Olga Feingold Kahan

December 4, 1927 - October 25, 2012

Olga Feingold Kahan


Olga Feingold Kahan 

Tournament Director

Olga Feingold Kahan

USA Table Tennis Committee Chair, Author and US Nationals/Open Volunteer Extraordinaire

Funeral Services - Sunday 10/28 at 10:00am

Laguna Hills Chapel & Crematory
25301 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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Olga—A Thank You

                I have fond memories of you, “Grand Dame” Olga. You always looked royal, seemed royal to me, in your dress, manner, and carefully kept-up appearance. You had a presence that bespoke character; you exercised control.

                I think of you, too, as often being preoccupied, and sometimes a little weary. It was good you could always share (a little imperiously?) your interests and sense of integrity with Stan. I could see how you both wanted the yearly Meiklejohn to go well—which meant encouraging a cooperative success with your job-oriented teammates. And it did go well. With its built-up attendance, flowering of events, and steadily increasing prize money, much of this progress under your immediate direction—you were a leader when you had to be—it was of course a tournament nonpareil for senior aficionados.

                And you were ambitious, tired maybe but tireless too—wrote those Senior Corner columns with Stan, formed that USATT Senior Committee, and even involved yourself internationally. Made a t.t. name for yourself over the years…something to be proud of.

                I liked it that those times when it was possible, after the Meiklejohn tournament was over, you invited me and my wife (when she accompanied me west) to join your party for dinner. But I’m sure so many players and workers over the years found you to be generous, hospitable, wanting to do the befitting class thing.

                Olga, I thank you for bringing fun moments into my life during my Meiklejohn years. And, great lady, who bought all my books, know that I’m not the only one—there are many seniors like me—who from time to time in the future will stop by that mansion, no, castle, of yours to revisit, magazine in hand or not,  the corners you’ve made so personal and accommodating for us.