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ITTF Level II Coaching Course

By Richard McAfee | Nov. 05, 2012, 9 a.m. (ET)

USATT Level II Course

USA Coaching Development Program Marches On!

From October 30 through November 6th, 2012, the USA Table Tennis Association hosted their first ever ITTF Level 2 and Level 2 Course Conductor’s Courses.  The course was conducted at the outstanding facilities of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Thirteen Coaches from the USA took part and in addition 3 International ITTF Level 1 Course Conductor’s attended.  Unfortunately four coaches from the USA could not attend as hurricane Sandy forced the cancellations of all flights from the East Coast of the country.

  ITTF Coaching Course 2

Conducting the Course was Philippe Molodzoff  of France who is the author of the ITTF Advanced Manual.  From the very beginning of the course, all the participants quickly learned that much was expected from them to be able to pass the final Level 2 Exams. 

ITTF Coaching Course 2 

Enthusiasm for the course ran high and even after long days in the classroom, coaches could be found each evening forming study groups to practice for their practical and verbal exams.  Day by day, under the constant feedback and instruction from the “Master Teacher”, Philippe, coaches saw their own coaching skills improving.  This improvement inspired everyone to work even harder. 

ITTF Coaching Course 2 

All this hard work paid off as all the coaches passed the tests, a rarity for a Level 2 Course.  Also, even more impressive was that seven of the thirteen USA Coaches scored high enough on the exams to qualify to attend a future Level 3 Course.  Polona Cehovin Susin, ITTF Deputy Executive Director of Education and Training joined Philippe for the last few days to assist with the Course Conductor Training.  Polona insists that a high standard must be met to qualify to become an ITTF Course Conductor and USA Table Tennis is very proud that all three USA Course Conductors passed the Level 2 Course Conductor Course and are now able to begin to teach the Level 2 Course within the USA.

A special mention must be made of Federico Basseti who finished the Level 2 Course with a perfect test score of 20/20.  Coming in a close second was Iuliana Radu with 19/20.  Organizing and serving as the host for the course was USATT National Coaching Chairman, Richard McAfee.

The first ever ITTF Level 1 Course was held two years ago, also in Colorado Springs and was conducted by Glenn Tepper.  Now, only two years later, the USATT has 98 ITTF Level 1 Coaches and soon regional ITTF Level 2 Courses will be organized around the USA. 

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ITTF Level 2 Coaching Course in Colorado Springs (USA)

30 October – 4 November 2012

Conducted by Philippe Molodzoff

 A big success for USA in the ITTF level 2

USA organized it’s first ITTF Level 2 Coaching Course leaded by the author of the ACM, Mr Philippe Molodzoff, in November 2012 in Colorado Springs.

14 American attendants participated to that course. They were completed by 3 ITTF course conductors of the level 1 coming from Pakistan, Brazil and Spain.

This course has been held in the US Olympic Center where conditions had a high level of comfort.

Working groups and teaching situations were the master words of that course which allowed the attendants to be really involved into the Level 2 program and also to prepare the final exam as wished.

The results of the final exam were excellent: 8 coaches (50%) obtained a mark over 14, allowing us to attend the next ITTF level 3 when their 50 hours of practical coaching will be made. Among those 8 coaches, not less than 7 American succeeded to obtain that mark!

It is a great success for the coaches development in USA.

The 8 other coaches (50%) obtained a mark between 10 and 15, giving them the ITTF Level 2 Certificate after the 50 practical hours required have been made.

The group of American coaches was passionate, questioning frequently, and very hard working. The average level of this group is sufficient to come over the Level 3 after some years of improvement.

The Course Conductor wants to thank the USTTA and especially Mike Cavanaugh, Richard McAfee and Theodor Georghe for the quality of accommodation and facilities deployed for that course.

I wish the best to US Table Tennis Association in the future and hope that I will have the pleasure to come back and see the improvement of the coaches.

Philippe Molodzoff