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June 27, 2012, 9 a.m. (ET)

Table Tennis Documentary in Post-Production

Two years, five countries and 150 hours of footage later, we are officially table tennis converts. Back in 2010 when we began to document then 14-year-old Ariel Hsing’s rise from Bay Area ping pong champ to legitimate Olympics contender, we had no idea that we would grow to love and champion the sport as we do now.

Our feature documentary TOP SPIN takes an intimate look inside the competitive world of elite table tennis athletes through the lives of Ariel and two other teenaged talents Lily Zhang and Michael Landers.

We’ve captured how these teens juggle grueling training schedules along with the aches and pains of young adulthood. We’ve witnessed the tension that rises when families have sacrificed and invested so much on the Olympic Dream.

Now we need help to bring these stories to a wider audience. 

Thanks to the devoted table tennis fans who supported us last year, we have made it this far on our journey with Ariel, Lily and Michael. Now at this critical point, we need the support of the table tennis community more than ever as we embark on the final phase of post-production. 

We have until July 19 on Kickstarter to raise $75K - money that is crucial if we want to finish TOP SPIN.

Take a look at our trailer and project page. We are eager to hear what table tennis fans think - as all of you are the film's core audience!

Please donate (every bit counts towards our goal) and share our project with your friends and communities, plus post, tweet, and blog about us!

With the all-or-nothing model of Kickstarter, if we don't reach our goal, we get nothing.

With the help of table tennis’ biggest fans, we can bring the story of these inspirational athletes to the big screen, and show the masses what the sport is really all about!


Mina T. Son, Co-Director/Producer

Help us reach our goal on Kickstarter!  


Top Spin: Ping pong like you've never seen it before! 

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