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Art of the Olympians Table Tennis Tournament

By Caron & Marv Leff | Sept. 03, 2011, 5 p.m. (ET)

New update of the initiation and entree of Table Tennis at the Art of the Olympians Museum. Read the news, gaze at the pictures and enjoy the wonderful attraction that Table Tennis can be to the general public that have played recreationally, but competitively at various levels through their entire lives. This affair was a smashing (note the pun) success, bringing in hundreds of anxious people who love Ping Pong aka Table Tennis. This was a smaller celebration of Ping Pong Diplomacy in Ft. Myers, Florida, as Caron Leff explained in her historical speech. We thought it appropriate to piggy back our prior 40 year celebration of our 1971 Ping Pong Diplomacy time line.  The variety of people that attended ranged from local business owners, professionals (doctor's, lawyers, engineers etc.) politicians, athletes, novice players and just people fascinated by the sport of Table Tennis.  During the exhibition the microphone was passed around to the audience so they could ask questions about our sport including...score keeping, racket grips, sped glue and racket color coverings, just to name a few of the typical questions.  They could not wait to play against the Newgy Robot once the Exhibition was completed.

This introduction of Table Tennis in the Art of the Olympians Museum in beautiful downtown Ft. Myers, Florida was successful beyond our expectations.

Some of the people featured in the pictures are Cathy Oerter, who was married to Al Oerter,the greatest Discus Thrower in modern day Olympic History, capturing 4 consecutive Gold Medals, Bob Beamon, new CEO and Olympic Gold Medalist in 1968, Marvin Leff and Werner Stollenmeier demonstrating Table Tennis and fielding questions from the audience, Caron Leff, giving a historical background speech of the evolution of Table Tennis, Brad and Colbi Congress of Bradley's Jeweler's presenting a historical coin representing the Olympics minted in 300 BC...a perfect night for the Art of the Olympians Museum and for Table Tennis commonly known as Ping Pong.

This exhibit of our great sport of Table Tennis could not have taken place without the generous donations of Newgy Industries, Bradley's Jeweler's, Robbins Specialties, Butterfly NA, Li-Ning, and Chuck Hoey of the ITTF Museum.  We also would like to thank the entire staff at the Art of the Olympians...Cathy, Bob, JJ, Sandy, Anthony, Carla and Jessica, in only 3 were fabulous.  Special Thanks again to Joe Newgarden of Newgy Industries...his support was vital to our success...Everyone Loves Ping Pong!

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