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Introductions for Caron & Marv Leff

By Caron & Marv Leff | July 28, 2011, 9 a.m. (ET)

Caron and Marv LeffIntroducing New Bloggers Caron & Marv Leff

We will be covering a wide range of Table Tennis related topics from amateur or what some may call Novice Table Tennis Tournaments, to Fundraising Events using Table Tennis as its vehicle to create both spectator and player involvement on a professional level. All our events planned will take place at the Art of the Olympians Museum, in Fort Myers, Florida. The Museum showcases the Art of Athletes that have participated in the Olympics.  There are oil paintings, sculpture, drawings and other mediums of art representing the many talents of some of our greatest athletes, bringing the past and present achievements of our Olympic Athletes to the public and creating greater awareness of these athletes and the many facets of these high profile personalities.

Brief Bios of Marvin and Caron

Marvin: 1949 Illinois Boys Champion, 1951Illinois Junior Champion, 1952 All American Men's Champion, 1965,1966, & 1988 Florida Men's State Champion, Florida State Doubles Champion 8 Times, 1995 Florida Sr Champion, 1996 inducted into Florida Table Tennis Hall of Fame, U.S. Open Dbls Champion over 50's & 60's five times, 2005 U.S. Open 70's Singles and Dbls Champion, 2009 inducted into the Southern Table Tennis Hall of Fame in Augusta, GA, presently coaching and exhibitions.

Caron: Co-Founder of the Miami Table Tennis Club in 1965, Ranked #3 in Florida Women's in 1966, Southern Regional Director 1975-1985, Media Director of 5 U.S. Opens in the 1980's, Local Liason to USATT Executive committee for Florida, Fund Raising for US Opens 1980's, Author of Caron's Corner in "Table Tennis Topics" 1970-1980, Co-Founder with Tim Boggan of the Florida Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 1996 [logo designed by Steve Isaacson, founder of the U.S. HOF], in 2006 appointed Ambassador of the ITTF Museum, the first woman to receive this honor.

During our years of being involved in Table Tennis we have met and become friends with some of the great athletes of our sport. My wife and I dated on the back porch of the great Laci Bellak giving us the opportunity to develop relationships with legends such as Sandor Glancz, Richard Bergman, Dick Miles, Bernie Bukiet just to name a few.  It's hard to believe they are all gone, but never forgotten.  This is as brief as we can make our introduction as to who we are and why we are here at this point in time. Keep hitting balls it's great for the body and mind and stay tuned for the latest info on Table Tennis at the Art of the Olympians Museum on our blog.