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Art of the Olympians Update

Aug. 19, 2011, 1:57 a.m. (ET)

Caron and I are making last minute preparations at the AOTO Museum for our Table Tennis exhibition and fund raiser.  We are both standing in front of celebrity posters mounted on movable display walls. The posters were donated by Chuck Hoey, curator of the ITTF Museum in Switzerland which were sent in a file to the AOTO and then printed and enlarged for display. Some of the celebrities that Love Table Tennis also known as Ping Pong to some are Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Fabian, James Dean just to name a seems that most of the world loves Ping Pong no matter what you prefer to call it.

The Museum has created a venue that has an ambiance that is stunning when you first enter.  The Museum has glass walls and is surrounded by water presenting a view that knocks your socks off when walking through the front door of the Museum. 

The Museum staff headed by JJ Cochrane and newly appointed CEO Bob Beamon, Gold Medalist in the 1968 Mexico Olympics Games have been working diligently to make this presentation of Table Tennis all that it rightly deserves.  The Museum is in the process of raising the public's awareness of just how great our sport of Table Tennis is.  We look forward to the exhibition, the historic speeches, the demonstration of the Newgy Robot and the donation of a historic Olympic Coin donated by Bradley's Jewelers. The coin was minted in 300 BC in the country of Greece.

Caron and I will continue to keep you updated as we move forward with this historic and outstanding project only made possible by everyone's hard work and generosity, thank you AOTO, Newgy's, Bradley's Jewelers, Robbins Specialties, Ling-Ning, Butterfly, and Chuck Hoey, Curator of the ITTF Museum for his always outstanding cooperation in helping us make this a great success.  Thank you to Yvonne Kronlage for supplying us with score cards for the fundraising tournament. It was not only needed, but greatly appreciated.  Thank you Yvonne for everything you have done for Table Tennis and are still continuing to do.

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