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Art of the Olympians - Table Tennis Fundraiser

By Caron & Marv Leff | Aug. 09, 2011, 9 a.m. (ET)

The attached pictures show Bob Beamon our great world record setting Olympian for the long jump in 1968 in Mexico City playing Table Tennis at the AOTO Museum in Ft. Myers, Florida. He just happened to wander into the Museum and was drawn to the table to hit against the Newgy Robot. He had a great time and realized hitting TT balls is not as easy as it looks, even for a great Olympic Track and Field Athlete who won a Gold Medal.

Also, you will see my wife Caron and I setting up the equipment and getting the Museum ready for the TT Exhibition and Novice TT Tournament being held in Sept. 2 and Sept. 17.  A great deal of activity evolved in the Museum after the tables were set up.  People just love Table Tennis, because everyone plays at some level from bad to not so bad. We will continue to update everyone on the progress and enjoy the pictures.

Art of the Olympians Marv Leff

Caron Leff Marv Leff, Bob Beamon, and Caron Leff

Check out a video of Bob Beamon going head-to-head against our Newgy Robot!

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