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Notice to USA Table Tennis Equipment Suppliers and Distributors

By Doru Gheorghe | Nov. 18, 2003, 9 a.m. (ET)

To:        USA Table Tennis Equipment Suppliers/Distributors

From:    Teodor Gheorghe, USATT Executive Director

Date:     11/18/2003

Re:        Stopping US Gray and Black Market Sales

The following announcement is being publicized due to the complaints regarding illegal sales and advertising of table tennis products in the United States. 

USA Table Tennis is announcing that action will be taken against any USATT Table Tennis Equipment Distributor who illegally sells or advertises table tennis equipment without a license or authority to do so.  Each distributor of table tennis products must be the sole manufacturer of a specific type of product(s) or must have proof from the manufacturer to distribute or advertise the manufacturer's product(s). 

It is imperative that USATT Approved Equipment Suppliers/Distributors have legal documentation showing proof that they are allowed or have permission to advertise and sell the manufacturer's products. USATT will not authorize any advertising in USATT magazine or on the USATT webpage for products that are not legally distributed as mentioned above.


Teodor Gheorghe

Executive Director, USA Table Tennis