2019 Aurora Cup

Aurora, Illinois

Jan. 18 - 20, 2019

2019 Aurora Cup Table Tennis

4 Star Tournament with $10,615 in Cash & Prizes!

Swavek Lorenc  630-251-8860

Fox Valley Table Tennis Club


After an incredibly successful 2018 Aurora Cup which was 99% filled, the organizer of the tournament faced the same problem as a year before.  How to get rid of those pesky waiting lists that have been a permanent feature of Aurora Cup for the last few years and give players more playing time. 

The problem was solved by adding a new Tiered Round Robin event on Friday, which lasts from 9 am to 6 pm.  108 players who enter this event will be divided into 3 divisions, each with 6 groups of 6 players and play in 2 rounds each having a robin format.  Everyone advances from the morning to the afternoon round and competes to win one of the 54 crystal trophies and their share of $2100 prize money.

The tournament will continue from Friday evening to Sunday evening and offer a full menu of events: Open Singles, Women Singles, 2 doubles events, 2 junior events, 2 senior events as well as 16 rating restricted events. The additional total prize money purse for these events is $10,000.

When asked about the reasons for tournament popularity, players cite venue conditions, beautiful trophies and good organization.  The venue has blue Gerflor-like floor on all 38 fully barriered courts.  In 2018 the lights were upgraded to the new energy-efficient LED lights, increasing the average illumination to over 600 lux on all courts.  The trophies are custom designed crystal trophies and are awarded to winners in all events.  A total of 137 of these trophies will be awarded this year making it the biggest give away to date. 

The 2019 Aurora Cup will run January 18 – 20th in Aurora, IL.  Registration will close on January 13th so please hurry if you like to experience this great tournament.  Registration can be conveniently completed via OmniPong website.

The sponsors of this tournament are JOOLA (equipment), Infogix Inc. (trophies) and Highlander Transportation, Inc. (equipment transport).

More information can be found on tournament website: https://fvttc.org/2019-aurora-cup/