2018 Triangle Winter Two Person Teams Tournament

Morrisville, North Carolina

Jan. 27 - 28, 2018

4 Star Tournament

$3,000 in Cash and Prizes!


Triangle Table Tennis Club

Triangle Table Tennis

January 27-28, 2018: 2018 Winter Two-Person Teams

This tournament, which has a USATT 4-star sanction level, is perennially one our biggest tournaments of the year and has over $3,000 in cash and prizes. Each event is a combination of Singles and Doubles with a teammate, although only the Singles matches will affect USATT Ratings. Specific events will have a combined rating cap for both teammates, as well as an individual rating camp that neither player can exceed.  The events are as follows:

U2500 (no player over 1400)
U3000 (no player over 1800)
U3500 (no player over 2100)
U4000 (no player over 2400)
Open (no limits on ratings, combined or individual)

Additional details are available in the printable entry form, and players who register using online registration on our website before December 27th will enjoy a 10% Early Registration discount on event fees.