Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Sept. 07 - 18, 2016

2016 USA Para Team

Team USA Results

Tahl Leibovitz

Results for Tahl Leibovitz - Class 9 Men's Singles - Quarterfinalist

Tahl Leibovitz Match 4 Tahl Leibovitz Rio Match 3 

Leibovitz Match 2 Tahl Leibovitz Match 1

Flash Quote from Tahl Leibovitz vs. Ma Lin

"I felt pretty good coming into the match. I had great tactics. In the first game, I had a good lead and was called for an illegal serve. For some reason that bothered me mentally and I lost focus. I have never gotten called for any illegal serves in any Paralympics. This is my fifth Paralympics! My opponent also played well and very smart. In tomorrow's match I will make some adjustments and try my best."

Flash Quote from USA Coach Angie Bengtsson

"Tahl is playing exceptionally well and great feel for the ball in this tournament. In the first match, he played a bit too fast and tried to end the ball quickly. We are looking forward to our next match with Hungry tomorrow morning."

Pam Fontaine

Results for Pam Fontaine - Women's Class 3 Singles - Pool Play

Pam Fontaine Rio Match 2Pam Fontaine Group Results 1

Flash Quote from Pam Fontaine vs. Mader

"Honestly I usually never say this about myself however I did have an extremely competitive tournament. Today the only reason why I didn't have the win was due to an extremely accurate short serve that I could not get. I needed more momentum to reach it and playing on the red carpet didn't allow me that slight extra length. So close but yet so far..."

Summary of Fontaine vs. Lee

Pam played an good match she was focused mentally and was able to execute her coaches instructions perfectly. It was a well contested battle with the Korea overcoming the American three games to one. Pam's next match with Austria will take place on Saturday 9/10/16. 

Flash Quote from USA Coach Angie Bengtsson

"I am very proud of how Pam played today. She was competitive on every single point, things did not go our way, but that is part of competing. Especially at the most important competition in the world. We look forward to our next match with Austria."

Ross Brown  Angie Bengtsson   Pam Fontaine Tahl Leibovitz 
 Ross Brown
Team Leader
Angie Bengtsson
Head Coach 
 Pam Fontaine
Class 3 - Singles
 Tahl Leibovitz
Class 9 - Singles