2016 US National Championships

Las Vegas, Nevada

July 04 - 09, 2016

Day Summary 6 - Results  

Zhang and Jha Repeat Success on Final Day

The final day of the 2016 Supermicro US National Championships saw a number of players crowned in their events. In the main singles event, the Under 21 Youth Singles it was Open Singles champions following through on their victories last night at the Brooklyn Bowl to take out their opponents. Lily Zhang won in straight games over Crystal Wang while Kanak Jha took 4 games to take out Adar Alguetti.

Three crowns for Lily Zhang but the hat trick was robbed away from her as her and mixed doubles partner Tim Wang were defeated by Yijun Feng and Jiaqi Zheng. The pair rebounding from their singles losses last night in the Open finals to redeem themselves and finish their Vegas tournament on a positive note.

The exciting matches really came in the Men's Doubles final rounds with 2014 Champions Cory Eider and Allen Wang playing their semifinal against Jeff Huang and Newman Cheng from Grace Lin's club in California. The reliable controlled game of Newman Cheng was pivotal in setting up for the destructive forehand power of Jeff Huang which gave them the advantage as Cory and Allen struggled to stay in the match.

Unable to keep steady and consistent a few crucial errors in the match cost Eider and Wang as the match went in favor of Jeff Huang and Newman Cheng.

Into the final and the pair faced Kunal Chodri and Krish Avvari from ICC California. The style match-ups of the pairs worked to produce a great match with the combination of control spin and power from Cheng and Huang proving to be a formidable force against the placement and variation of Chodri and Avvari.

In the end it was an impressive showcase from Newman Cheng whose reliability in the match through tight play on serve and receive and consistent heavy spinning opening balls really formed a solid foundation for the team to take advantage and for Jeff Huang to position for powerful forehand strokes and pressure the opponents with an outstanding service game.

A player to impress early on in the tournament was Nikhil Kumar, 13 years old from ICC, who pushed Timothy Wang to 7 games in the Men's Singles. His efforts were rewarded as he found success in both the mini cadet and cadet boys singles events.

Tahl Leibovitz was the winner of the Class 6-10 Para Event in straight games over Ian Seidenfield and Jenson Van Emburgh won the Class 3-5 against Jesse Cejudo from Arizona. In the final wheelchair event it was James Segrest who took the title over Sebastian Defrancesco.

A great day of matches with plenty of fantastic achievements and titles awarded. We thank you all for following the 2016 Supermicro US National Table Tennis Championships and our sponsors Joola, the official table sponsor, Nittaku and Paddle Palace, the official ball sponsor and Butterfly the official clothing of the US National Team. Thanks for joining us!

Day Summary 5 - Results  

Defending US National Champions Overcome in Spectacular Finals Showdown

Spectators filled out the seats surrounding the brightly lit feature court at the Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas as the Open Singles Finals for the 2016 Supermicro US National Championships were staged. Four Rio Olympians nervously prepared, set to face each other in order to claim glory. For two of them Jiaqi Zheng and Yijun Feng the pressure mounted to defend their 2015 victories. To face them, two time US National Champion Lily Zhang and the youngest Olympic Table Tennis player in history at 16, Kanak Jha, fighting for his first Men's Singles title.

Staff and organizers were pivotal and making the event a huge success, streamed live on One World Sports TV. Inside the Brooklyn Bowl, giant screens showed Olympic profiles, sponsors and footage from the Olympic Team Media Shoot at Triode Media Group just weeks before.

The Women's Singles was played first with Jiaqi Zheng vying to defend her title against top 100 World Ranked opponent Lily Zhang. Momentum began in Zhang's favor as both players fought in deuce for the first game. Timeout was called by Lily Zhang as she held advantage 11-10, signifying the importance of taking the early lead. She managed to pull through and close out the set 14-12.

Jiaqi struggled to find her ground as the lead extended with Lily Zhang hitting out with wide angles and quick forehand counters. Winning games two and three 11-8 and 11-7 to take a convincing 3-0 lead, it looked like Lily was on the home stretch but Jiaqi Zheng lifted herself back into the game. Positioning for more forehands and applying better placement and pressure on the backhand she was able to win 11-9 in the 4th game and 11-5 in the 5th game. Could the defending champion push the match to the 7th set?

It wasn't to be. 11-6 in the 6th game and Lily Zhang was all smiles as she lifted the US National Women's Singles Championship trophy for the third time in her career.

In the Men's Singles event Kanak Jha faced off against Yijun Feng, the 2015 defending champion and recent winner of the 2016 North American Cup. The crowd was buzzing as the 16 year old stepped out to rise to the challenge against Yijun Feng, a player with wins against a host of top players including African Champion Quadri Aruna.

It was a slow start for both players with Yijun slowly stepping into his third ball attacking style and putting the pressure on Kanak to stay balanced and controlled. The first two games fell 12-10 and 11-6 in the defending champion's favor as he imposed his attacking prowess. Utilizing his reverse penhold backhand gave him strength off both wings but Kanak Jha upped his game to win the 3rd set 12-10 with his light footed agility and increased forehand coverage.

Feng quickly shut down the momentum taking the 4th game 11-5 and it looked like he was laying the foundations to head to the finish line. Unfortunately Kanak Jha had other ideas and backed by some strong support from a packed crowd he pushed back to win the 5th set 14-12 to some big reactions from the crowd as the urged him forward.

As the atmosphere continued to intensify the pressure fell on Feng to stay focused and try and keep his opponent on the back foot. Confidence was building in Jha's corner as supporters drove him forward to draw the match up at 3-3. Nerves were on high, the match was in stalemate, who would claim momentum as the 7th game kicked off.

Despite facing challenge from Jha it was Yijun Feng who identified the importance of heading out to a leading margin as he held the advantage at ends. It almost seemed like Feng had averted crisis as his lead increased but again it was his young opponent who turned the tables and proved that no deficit was too much to work against. Just as we saw in the Olympic Trials in Canada, Kanak Jha came flying back into the match, throwing an immense amount of pressure onto Feng as he drew the game up at 9-9 and 3-3. In a moment like this anybody could claim victory and both players were aware of it.

In the heat of battle and the pressure of an excited and hungry crowd the game slowed, boiling down to an enormous amount of pressure. One point at a time it was Kanak Jha, to the delight of the spectators powered out to obtain the ultimate result. 11-9 in the 7th game and an elated Kanak Jha was victorious in his first ever victory in the Men's Singles National Championship event.

Strong emotion from the young player, his parents and sister Prachi along with coach Stefan Feth as Kanak lifted the championship trophy.

A fantastic event from USA Table Tennis with a perfect crowd and coverage on TV from One World Sports in the amazing Brooklyn Bowl. A night to be remembered not only for the champions but for everyone present!

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Day 4 - Summary | Results

Olympic Showdowns Feature in Open Singles 

The big matches going into the quarterfinal stages of the Men's and Women's singles on day 4 of the 2016 Supermicro US National Championships were the early round clashes of US representatives for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The first of the clashes was between Jiaqi Zheng and Wu Yue. Two Rio Olympians, Jiaqi the 2015 US National Champion looking to defend her title, Jennifer Wu the Pan American gold medalist and North American Cup champion. While the start saw Jennifer pressing the point in the rallies, attacking to the elbow and wide to the forehand, it wasn't long before Jiaqi opened up and started to favor her lightning fast forehand attacks with her short pimple rubber.

The end result, Jiaqi Zheng the victor in five games. Jiaqi is joined by Lily Zhang, Wang Chen and Angela Guan who won their quarterfinal matches. The notable victory was Angela Guan's show of patience, consistency and masterful variation in overcoming Sara Hazinski to make the semifinal stage.

The Men's Singles matchup between the youngest ever table tennis Olympian Kanak Jha and second time Olympian Tim Wang was the drawing card of the round. Three matches came before seeing Yijun Feng cruise past Theodore Tran 4-0, Jack Wang also won in straight games over Victor Liu and Krish Avvari knocked out Derek Nie.

The clash of Tim and Kanak proved to be a tight match with many swings and changes in control. Kanak took a dominant foothold in the match but Tim wasn't down and out, playing a steady controlled game with experience and tactics. Fighting back into the game, he trailed 3-2 and almost came back to push the match to the 7th but Kanak Jha was able to seal out the match and advance into the final four.

The semifinals saw Lily Zhang upset top seed Wang Chen in five sets showing great resolve and speed in the rallies while Jiaqi Zheng dropped one game on her way to hitting through defensive player Angela Guan.

In the men's singles top seed and defending champion Yijun Feng had a challenge ahead of him as Jack Wang hit some great form. Executing with high speed and precision he matched Feng move for move, drawing the match at 2-2 before the Rio Olympian pulled away and closed out the match 4-2. In a very contrasting match Kanak Jha was able to win in straight games over Krish Avvari. While Krish has played in great form throughout the tournament it was Jha who took control over the match and dominated in the points from start to finish.

So the Brooklyn Bowl will host a final clash of Olympians as Yijun Feng fights to win back to back against Kanak Jha and Lily Zhang will face off against Jiaqi Zheng. An exciting prospect as two defending champions reach the final hurdle yet again and will face stiff competition! Be sure to continue following the action which will be hosted live by One World Sport at a fantastic venue!


Day 3 - Summary | Results

Players Battle to Quarter Stages in Open Singles

The Men's Singles saw some excitement and action as the matches began at the Round of 64 stage early this morning. Throughout the day some players found their form as they built their momentum through the round. In a battle of generations, Nikhil Kumar just 13 years old took down 5 time US National Champion and former international Danny Seemiller in a show of patience and tact.

Kumar's form continued as he pressed US Olympian Tim Wang to 7 sets in the Round of 16. Survival for Timothy Wang who will continue on to face Rio teammate Kanak Jha in the next round. Early casualties included 4th seed Kunal Chodri who was defeated by Jack Wang, Samson Dubina who exited in the 2nd round to Tianming Xie, last year's finalist Mark Hazinski was eliminated in the sixteenths and Victor Liu took out Sharon Alguetti.

Three Olympians still fight in the draw but tomorrow one will suffer at the hands of another. No doubt all eyes will be on the Tim Wang/Kanak match while Yijun Feng cruises across the top half of the draw, he will face Theodore Tran. Derek Nie took out Chance Friend and Xie to make his way into the last 8 where he will face Krish Avvari.

The Women's Singles saw top seed Wang Chen survive a scare, trailing 2-3 in her 16s match against Rachel Sung she clawed her way back into the game and took victory. A great effort by her young opponent but narrowly missed opportunity. She will face veteran lefty penholder Diane Chen in the last 8. Crystal Wang fired back from a 3-1 deficit against Amy Wang to take the last 3 games 3,7 and 7. Crystal advances to play two time Olympian Lily Zhang.

Number 4 seed Sarah Hazinski continues through the draw after victory over US National Team member Prachi Jha in 5 sets.

A second clash of Olympians will occur tomorrow as Jiaqi Zheng and Wu Yue are forced to repeat their North American Cup final on US soil. Will the short pips speed of Jiaqi or the steady tactical spin offense of Jennifer be victorious on the day? The excitement builds!

In the last standing match of the evening Judy Hugh faced the defence of Angela Guan. Taking a 2-0 lead didn't stop the west coast chopper from leveling the match at 3-3 and showing overwhelming resolve and determination to bring home the result in the 7th game.

Plenty of thrills to come tomorrow as the top 8 remaining players in the country compete for the National Title!

Day 2 - Summary | Results

Wang and Avvari Claim Junior National Titles!

The hard road continued into day 2 of the Junior National Singles event at the 2016 Supermicro US National Table Tennis Championships. The second half of the group stages continued with Jack Wang coming back to steal away the top spot going into the crossovers. He finished with 4 wins and 1 loss, drawing with Krish Avvari in a tie but the head to head result between the two prevailing putting Krish in 2nd place.

The Alguetti's were the dominant force in the second group finishing with Adar Alguetti in the 1st spot and Sharon Alguetti in second, again both had 4 wins and 1 loss. 

The crossover stage saw Krish and Sharon take honours and make passage into the final both with 3-1 victories over Adar Alguetti and Jack Wang respectively. The matches had fighting intensity and some super rallies with all players giving it their all.

In the final stage it was Krish Avvari who claimed the National Junior Boy's Singles title in a 4 set win over Sharon. Two tight deuce sets and some crucial performances in key points by Avvari saw the difference in the match. Adar Alguetti overcame Jack Wang to take third place in the event.

Top 8 Standings:
1. Krish Avvari
2. Sharon Alguetti
3. Adar Alguetti
4. Jack Wang
5. Kunal Chodri
6. Aarsh Shah
7. Nicholas Tio
8. Shivansh Kumar

The girls singles saw Tina Lin take the first spot in the qualfiying groups, beating top seed Crystal Wang 3-1. A three way tie between Crystal, Tina and Rachel Sung saw Rachel unfortunately lose out on a crossover spot on countback and Crystal Wang advance in 2nd place.

In group 2 number 3 seed Grace Yang finished with 5 wins after taking out top group seed Angela Guan  in 4 sets, her steady short pips attack proved very effective and consistent against Angela's defensive style. Angela still came through to the crossover with just one loss overall.

In the crossover Tina Lin had to fight for her position after her 2-0 lead started to slip away from her. A few errors here and there and Angela Guan was back in the game at 2-2. Some more consistent looping and varied spin saw Tina book her place in the final, winning the final set 11-7.

Crystal Wang didn't waver in her 3-0 win over Grace Yang proving to be quick and effective in the topspin rallies and in good form going into the final match.

The final match was a tightly fought contest with Crystal Wang taking an early lead 2-1 and putting the pressure on her opponent. A deuce set saw Tina Lin sneak back into the game but towards the end of the 5th set it was Crystal who took control of the match and claimed the national title, reversing the group result at the perfect moment.

In the 3rd place match Grace Yang built on her previous victory against Angela Guan, this time stealing away the match in straight games with some lengthy rallies and great placement.

Top 8 Standings:
1. Crystal Wang
2. Tina Lin
3. Grace Yang
4. Angela Guan
5. Rachel Sung
6. Joy Li
7. Amy Wang
8. Emilie Lin

Congratulations to the Junior Champions and podium finishers, a great display of competition and skill to start off the 2016 Supermicro US National Championships!

Day 1 - Summary | Results

Pressure Mounts for National Junior Team Spots

The big opening event on day 1 of the 2016 Super Micro US National Table Tennis Championships was the Junior Singles Event on the birthday of the United States, Monday July 4th. The top Junior players from around the country came forth vying for their spot in the prestigious US National Team. With four spots in the team on offer from the top respective finishers, this event is significant in many ways and is a high pressure event for these young players.

The preliminary stages saw all but the top 6 players competing for the residual 6 places in the second stage round robin. Emerging victorious from the Boy's Prelims were Victor Liu, Shivansh Kumar, Nikhil Kumar, Nicholas Tio, Aarsh Shah and Newman Cheng. They joined Sharon Alguetti, Adar Alguetti, Allen Wang, Kunal Chodri, Krish Avvari and Jack Wang in the second stage.

Notable matches were the final rounds of prelims where Shivansh Kumar pulled a tight 14-12 in the 5th win over Gal Alguetti and Newman Cheng outlasted Michael Tran 3-2.

Moving into the main round robin phase it was a clash of a very even playing field. Surprising so far is Nikhil Kumar who has led two upsets against Jack Wang and Victor Liu both of whom he defeated in straight games. The 2015 World Hopes Champ looking to step it up in this competition.

Kunal Chodri is showing steady form with 3/3 wins so far but Sharon Alguetti also holds 3 wins and shares the top of the group. Jack Wang dashed the hopes of top seed Krish Avvari by beating him 3-1 and throwing him back into a 3 way tie with two matches still remaining tomorrow. 

In the Junior Girl's Singles the prelims saw Tiffany Ke, Joy Li, Amanda Malek, Ava Fu, Emilie Lin and  Rachel Yang advance through to the 2nd stage group. Emilie Lin as 18th seed in the event was the big surprise making it through to the top 12 after a win over Lavanya Maruthapandian the 11th seed in straight games.

In the main round robin Crystal Wang remains undefeated with 3 wins, also Tina Lin shares 3 wins though she had to scrape back from a 2-1 shortfall against Amanda Malek to narrowly win 13-11 in the deciding game.

Grace Yang upset Angela Guan to share the top spot in the second group by a margin of 3-1 a position which she shares with Amy Wang who had to claw back from 2-0 down against Rachel Yang winning the last 3 sets 8,4 and 5.

The action continues tomorrow as the stage 2 group phase concludes and the crossovers to determine the top 4 and placings occur. The action is hotter than ever with intense matches and close scorelines as the top junior players in the country battle under one stadium roof to wear the US flag on the world stage!

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