ITTF Level 3 Coaches Course

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Oct. 12 - 19, 2014

ITTF Level 3 Course Announcement

USATT will host an ITTF Level 3 Coaches Course from October 11th through October 20h, 2014. The venue will be the US Olympic Training Center (USOTC) in Colorado Springs and all course participants will stay in the USOTC dorms. 

USATT anticipates having 20 open slots for qualified USATT/ITTF Level 2* Coaches who wish to attend only the ITTF Level 2 Course.

Dates: October 11-20, 2014


  • Arrival Oct 11 – Everyone
  • Oct 12-Oct 19 – ITTF Level 3 Course
  • Oct 20th. – Departure for all participants.
  • Daily Schedule
  • First session – 9am - 12pm
  • Second session – 2pm - 5pm
  • Third session – 7pm - 8:30pm
Course Description: The ITTF Level 3 Course is designed to help meet the needs of coaches who are either coaching National Teams or preparing elite level athletes for National or International competitions.

Subjects included in the Level 3 Course:

  • Required qualities of High Level Players
  • Talent Identification
  • High Road Path – comparison of athlete path in different countries
  • Training Session Design with emphasis on Tactical Training Sessions
  • Training Methods and Themes
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Advanced Physical Preparation – speed , strength, coordination, and recovery
  • Advanced Psychology – Performance Tools and Relaxation
  • Periodization of Training Programs
  • Camps Organization
  • Project Management
  • History of Table Tennis
  • ITTF Rules
  • ITTF Ranking System
  • Real Winner – Anti doping Course
Course Conductor: Richard McAfee (USA), ITTF Level 3 Course Conductor will conduct the course. Coach McAfee is one of the most experienced ITTF Course Conductors and a member of the USATT Hall of Fame. Richard McAfee is one of only eight ITTF Level 3 Course Conductor Worldwide.

Grading: The ITTF Level 3 Course offers much higher level of material than that found at the Level 2.

The exam has two components – theoretical and technical, which are divided into five parts.
Theoretical component:
  1. The Presentation of selected topics, individually or in pairs, about Rules, Tournament Organization and ITTF Coach Accreditation Scheme, held on the evening of Day 2.
  2. The Real Winner-Anti Doping, held on the evening of Day 4.
  3. Theory exam that evaluates the Coaches’ knowledge in various areas of ITTF Rules and Regulations including World Ranking, Rules important for coaches, Tournament Organization, ITTF Coach Accreditation Scheme and Syllabus Topics will be held on the evening of Day 6.

Technical component:

The Technical component evaluates the level of the Coaches’ capacities in the
  1. Presentation and
  2. Leading of a technical table tennis session, both held on Day 8 of the course.


0 - 49% - Failing Grade

50% - 74% - Pass as ITTF Level 3

75% - 100% - Pass as ITTF Level 3* (Eligible to take future High Performance Course)

In addition to full attendance at the 48 hour course, Coaches must successfully pass both components of the ITTF Level 3 Exam, the theoretical and the technical one [in addition to 80 hours of coaching practice with 5 hours supervised AFTER the course] to be awarded the ITTF Level 3 Certificate.

Eligibility: Applications for the ITTF Level 3 Course are limited to coaches who meet the following requirements:

  • Current USATT Members
  • Currently certified as a USATT Coach (a passed USATT mandatory background check)
  • Currently listed on the ITTF Coaches Registry as a Level 2* Coach
  • Must have attended the ITTF Level 2 Course before October 11th. of 2013 (1 year between courses)

Selection Procedures: Applications must be sent via email to USATT office and received by May 16th, 2014 (After May 16th applicants will be considered if space available on a first-come-first-served basis). Coaches will be selected based on:

  • Experience and USATT Certification Level
  • Coaching Activity level
  • Performance during Level 1 and Level 2 Courses
  • Regional Separation
Selected applicants will be informed on May 19th, 2014.

Costs: The registration, covers room and board for 9 days at the USOC (Oct 11-20h), with the following fees:

  • $500 if payment received by May 31st (for USATT coaches only)
  • $750 if payment received after May 31st and before August 31st (for USATT coaches only)
  • $1000 for international coaches by August 31st

Payments can be made online via USATT Paypal or by calling USATT Membership Director, Andrew Horn.

Level 3 Course participants are responsible for their own transportation to Colorado Springs.

Course Participants must bring a hard or electronic copy of the ITTF Advanced Manual and a personal Laptop to the course.

E-mail application: Applicants should send an email application to and with Subject: “ITTF Level 3 Course October 11-20 2014, COS” including the following information:

Name______________________ Membership #________ Exp. Date_________


City________________________ State___ Zip code__________Country________

Phone ___________________ E-mail___________________________________

USATT Certified Coach Level__________________________________________

ITTF Date Certified as Level 2*_________________________________________

Location + Date of ITTF Level 2 Course attended __________________________

International applicants must include a letter of support by their National Table Tennis Federation.

Fede Bassetti
Coaching Committee Chair
USA Table Tennis

Doru Gheorghe
High Performance Director
USA Table Tennis

Andrew Horn
Membership Director

USA Table Tennis