2014 World Junior Table Tennis Championships

Shanghai, China

Nov. 30 - Dec. 07, 2014


Awards Ceremony

Singles & Doubles

USA vs. Japan - Girls' Semi-Finals

USA vs. Korea - Girls' Quarter-Finals

USA vs. Germany - Girls' 2nd Stage RR

USA vs. New Zealand - Boys' Group Play

USA vs. Canada - Girls' Group Play

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Team Results

Doubles Results

Guan/Wang (USA) vs. Maeda/Sato 0-3
Jha/Zhang (USA) vs. Morad/Rahmo 3-1, Jha/Zhang (USA) vs. Ji/Lee (KOR) 1-3

Avvari/Patel (USA) vs. Polansky/Reitspies (CZE) 0-3
Chodri/JHA (USA) vs. Nielsen/Rasmussen (DEN) 3-0, Chodri/Jha (USA) vs. Liu/Wang (CHN) 0-3

Mixed Doubles Results

Round 1:
Kanak & Prachi JHA (USA) vs. MARKHABAYEV Deas (KAZ) / SELVAKUMAR Selena Deepti (IND) - Won - 3-1 
Aashay Patel & Angela Guan (USA) vs. VALUCH Alexander (SVK) / MALANINA Maria (RUS) - Lost - 2-3 
Kunal Chodri & Crystal Wang (USA) vs. RAO Roger (NZL) / RAO Ruofei (NZL) - Won - 3-2 
Krishnateja Avvari & Lily Zhang (USA) vs. MEDJUGORAC Marko CAN / COTE Alicia CAN - Won - 3-1 

Round 2:
Kanak & Prachi JHA (USA) vs. ZATOWKA Patryk POL / BAJOR Natalia POL  - Lost - 0-3 
Kunal Chodri & Crystal Wang (USA) vs. ORT Kilian GER / MITTELHAM Nina GER  - Lost 1-3 
Krishnateja Avvari & Lily Zhang (USA) vs. SAKAI Asuka JPN / MAEDA Miyu JPN  - Lost 0-3 

Singles Results

  • Boys' Singles Groups 
    Chodri (USA) vs. Zatowka (POL) 0-4, Chodri (USA) vs. Dilling (DEN) 1-4 
    Avvari (USA) vs. Ort (GER) 0-4, Avvari (USA) vs. Givone (FRA) 2-4
    Jha (USA) vs. Ranefur (SWE) 2-4, Jha (USA) vs. Mustapic (CRO) 4-0
    Patel (USA) vs. Qiu (GER) 0-4, Patel (USA) vs. Jorgic (SLO) 1-4, Patel (USA) vs. Lignandzi (CGO) 4-3
  • Boys' Main Draw
    Kanak Jha (USA) vs. Kim (KOR) - 1-4
  • Girls' Singles Groups  
    Wang (USA) vs. Mantz (GER) 3-4, Wang (USA) vs. Liu (HKG) 4-3 
    Guan (USA) vs. Pfefer (FRA) 0-4, Guan (USA) vs. Trigolos (BLR) 4-3
    Jha (USA) vs. Jiang (NZL) 4-0, Jha (USA) vs. Stefcova (CZE) 4-3, Jha (USA) vs. Mbah (NGR) 4-0
  • Girls' Main Draw
    Prachi Jha (USA) vs. Balint (ROU) 3-4
    Angela Guan (USA) vs. Soo (HKG) 0-4 
    Crystal Wang (USA) vs. Wang (CHN) 0-4 
    Lily Zhang (USA) Piccolin (ITA) 4-0, Zhang vs. Paranang (THA) 4-1, Zhang vs. Liu (CHN) 1-4


“I decided to play Prachi first and that worked for us because I think Korea believed Lily would play first and they wanted their left hander to play Lily; just like yesterday when we beat Russia, the draw worked perfectly for us”, said Lily Yip, the United States Girls’ Team coach who at the recent Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games had guided Lily Zhang to bronze in the Women’s Singles event.

“It’s a miracle, all the girls have worked so hard”, added Lily Yip. “Lily is at university and she has not practised that much since Nanjing; her feeling for the ball has not been so good here but she has played with great control, that’s why she won.”

One win each it was a true team performance with Prachi Jha the player to set the United States en route to victory.

“She didn’t like my serve and I could follow my serve with a strong top spin”, said Prachi Jha. “The biggest problem was returning serve; being a left hander it was hard.”

“I won the first two games, she was not in a rhythm but then she adjusted to my style of play; she kept playing towards the middle and forehand, that caused me problems”, explained Lily Zhang. “In the fifth game, Lily told me to be patient and to play with control, it was really tough.”

“I was a little nervous before the match but we were two-nil ahead but after I won the first game I felt much better”, said Crystal Wang. “I felt confident short, short and I tried to make sure I was the first to attack; that was important.”

Lily ZHANG (USA) after beating Ekaterina GUSEVA (RUS) 3-0 in USA’s 3-0 win over Russia to make the girl’s teams quarter finals: “I feel I played well, the first game was close. It was a question of becoming accustomed to her style of play, she moved slightly back from the table and played with a great deal of top spin.”

Prachi JHA (USA) after beating Maria MALANINA (RUS) 3-1 in USA’s 3-0 win over Russia to make the girl’s teams quarter finals: “The first game was really scary, I was not really well prepared for the match. Every game was close but I managed to win the big points.”

Crystal WANG (USA) after beating Daria CHERNOVA (RUS) 3-0 in USA’s 3-0 win over Russia to make the girl’s teams quarter finals: “I didn’t feel that nervous, we were leading by two matches to nil was able to play my game, I feel I played consistently and I remained positive; towards the end of the match Daria started to make mistakes.”

Prachi JHA (USA) after beating Alicia COTE (CAN) 3-0 after USA’s 3-0 win over Canada in Women’s teams first stage: “I did feel nervous before the first match. Alicia plays with short pimpled rubber on the backhand; once I became used that part of her game I was fine.”

“She had problems returning my service. Once into the first game I started to feel acclimatised; it’s been some time since I played in an international tournament, the most recent was the Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open.”

Lily ZHANG (USA) after beating Amy NICHOLS 3-0 after USA’s 3-0 win over Canada in Women’s teams first stage: “It’s the first time that I’ve played Amy; before the first match in a tournament there are always some nerves but once into the first game I felt fine. Now, it’s harder for me to prepare and to practise; I’m now at the University of California in Berkeley, I’m studying psychology.”


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November 30 - December 7 | Shanghai, China