ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships

Tokyo, Japan

April 28 - May 05, 2014

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Quotes from Women’s Team Members - Courtesy of Sheri Cioroslan


I think we had a really interesting World Championships this year.  It was a little unfortunate that the Women’s team lost three really, really close matches.  But, I mean, we are the youngest team on average, and we have the youngest player on our team, Crystal Wang.  So I think every match was a learning experience.  It was a really great learning experience playing in the championship division.  We put up a really good fight too. We played against really good players.  And we were able to see everyone play.  It was a great experience. 

Our team goal was to stay in the Championship Division, which we were, unfortunately, not able to do, although two years from now we could still make the top division through our rankings.  I think I played OK.  I didn’t play any of the crucial matches.  But, yeah, I think I played OK. 


This was my sixth consecutive world championships.  It’s been just as exciting as all of the rest.  I think I am really happy with my performance this year.  I played pretty well against a few really high-level players, which I’m really excited about.  And even though we didn’t come out with the win or stay in the first division, I’m really proud of our team for fighting their hardest, trying our best and basically giving everything into our matches.  I would say this tournament was very successful and exciting.

We are all really close with each other, so it was really great seeing the younger ones, like Crystal and Angela, play for the first time.  I’m sure it was really exciting for them too.

I think I surpassed my personal expectations.  I wasn’t really expecting to beat some of the world’s highest level players, especially a chopper, Viktoria Pavlovich from Belarus.  Usually I don’t consider myself very good at playing choppers.  She was definitely my match of the tournament.  


This was my first world championships.  When we played the team trials in February, I actually got 6th place.  I was the coaches’ pick for this tournament.  Overall, I’m just really thankful that I could come because it was such a great experience

 to represent the United States.  At this tournament, I felt like it was such an eye-opening experience because it was my first time seeing so many people, so many countries.  It’s like the best of the best, including a lot of choppers.  I’m a chopper, a defensive player.  I could see how there is so much potential with this style when I was watching the choppers.  They are all world class players also, so that was a great encouragement.  I could learn so much just from watching them.  And, also at his tournament, I was watching and cheering for my team, of course.  But, watching, I just learned so much, so I am very thankful.  I want to be more like them, for example, in terms of their patience or their footwork.  I want to learn from their experience. 

This is my first world championships.  I had a great experience here.  I got to play three teams.  There were a few unfortunate matches where, if I had won, it would have helped the team advance.  I learned a lot from watching all of these good players.  I learned from my mistakes and that should help me improve my game.  I learned more about what techniques I should use against different kinds of people. 


This is my first World Team Championships, so it was pretty exciting for me to come and play here as part of the team, rather than individually.  But it also made my losses a lot more painful, I think, because it’s not only affecting me, it’s my entire country.

I had a lot of close matches here, but I also gained a lot of experience.  I am going to use this experience to help me become a better player in the future.

Next year’s world championships are for individual and doubles events.  Hopefully I’ll be able to advance from my round robin, maybe beat a few higher-ranked players.  I just want to do well.

This was a really great experience.  My teammates are great.  I had a great time despite the fact that we lost a lot of close matches.


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