ITTF Level 2 Coaching Course

Fremont, California

June 16 - 21, 2013

Dates: June 16-21, 2013

Location: Fremont Table Tennis Academy, 47816 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539

Eligibility: Applications for the ITTF Level 2 Course are limited to coaches who meet the following requirements:

  • Currently listed on the ITTF Coaches Registry as a Level 1 Coach 
  • Must have attended the ITTF Level 1 Course before June 16, 2012 (1 year between courses)

Course Conductor: ITTF Course Conductor/Trainer, Christian Lillieroos will conduct the course. Coach Lillieroos is an ITTF course conductor and is one of the most experienced coaches in the US. Coach Lillieroos has run coaching certification courses in 8 countries. He is a former US National Men’s Team Head Coach. Head Coach of the Fremont Table Tennis Academy, Shashin Shodhan, will serve as the local organizer.

Equipment: Six table tennis tables and Gambler gold balls will be used for the course.

Course Description: The ITTF Level 2 Course is a 36 hour course normally held over six days while holding two (3-hour) sessions each day. The course material and syllabus can be found in the ITTF Advanced Manual. This material is a big step “up” from the ITTF Level 1 Course and it is highly recommended that all participants get a copy of the ITTF Advanced Manual and spend time in study before attending the course. It is recommended that course participants get the Advanced Manual at least one month before the course for self-study.

While the ITTF Level 1 Course is a general preparation course for coaches working with beginners and especially children, the Level 2 Course covers how to teach much higher level technical skills to fulfill the needs of athletes from 1800-2400 USATT Level.

ITTF Level 2 Course is officially recognized by ITTF and has the following requirements:

  • Attendance at 36 hour course conducted by an ITTF approved Course Conductor
  • Passing both a verbal and practical exam.
    • Grading: The ITTF Level 2 Course offers much higher level of material than that found at the Level 1. There is a two-part test consisting of a verbal and practical exam. The test total is 20. Those that score 10-14 pass ITTF L2 but are not eligible to do ITTF L3 in the future and are listed as ITTF Level 2. Those that score 15-20 are eligible to attend ITTF L3 in the future and are listed as ITTF Level 2*. Scores from 1-9 do not pass the course.
  • After the course, 50 hours coaching practice must be completed.
  • From the 50 hours coaching practice, 5 hours must be supervised by the ITTF Course Conductor or a person appointed by the ITTF Course Conductor. This supervisor evaluates each coach using the “Confidential Coaching Report” This must be approved by the ITTF Course Conductor, who provides the certificates if all requirements are met.
Course Schedule:
  • June 16-21, 2013, the ITTF Level 2 Course will be conducted. There will be 2 sessions each day.
  • Daily sessions are 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.
Costs: $325.00 per person plus each coach must purchase the ITTF Advanced Manual, available from for $29.95. Coaches are responsible for their own transportation and room and board arrangements.

Hotel: Comfort Inn Silicon Valley East, 47031 Kato Rd, Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: (510) 490-2900

Entry Form – ITTF/PTT Level 2 Course – FTTA- June 16-21, 2013. Course is limited to the first 20 entries received with payment.

First name: _____________________ Last Name______________________________
Street Address: _________________________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: _____________ Zip: _____________________
Email: ________________________________Phone: __________________________

Are you currently a certified ITTF Level 1 Coach: (Y/N)

 Date of ITTF Level 1 attended: ________

Please make $325 check payable to: Fremont Table Tennis Academy

Please mail form and check by 6/1/2013 to:

Shashin Shodhan, 5795 Forbes Drive, Newark, CA 94560

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