ITTF-PTT Level 1 Coaching Course

Portland, Oregon

July 24 - 28, 2013

Pure Space
1315 NW Overton, Portland, OR 97209

Tel: (503) 476-1151

Eligibility:  This course is sponsored by Pure Pong in the Pearl in an effort to promote the sport, and strengthen the Table Tennis community with the addition of certified coaches. The course is open to all interested Table Tennis Coaches and persons wishing to become certified as ITTF-PTT Level 1 Coaches. Coaches completing all the course requirements will receive both ITTF and PTT (Paralympic) Level 1 Certification. Additionally, coaches completing this course and are not USATT Certified will also be awarded “State” Level Coaches Certification by the USATT.

Course Conductor: ITTF Course Conductor, Christian Lillieroos will conduct the course. Christian was the 1997 & 2002 USA Table Tennis Coach of the Year. He was also the Head Coach of Texas Wesleyan University Table Tennis Team, the premiere university table tennis program in North America. Oregon Coach Tim Aikey will serve as the local organizer.

Equipment: Pure Pong in the Pearl will provide all equipment necessary to participate in the course including:

  • Four-eight table tennis tables
  • Plenty of balls for each table
  • Comfortable seating during break periods 

Eligibility:  No prerequisites required. The course is designed for coaches to teach beginning players, rating from 0-1800.

Course Description: Participants will learn to coach beginners up to 1800. This course is also designed to initiate a more thorough understanding of the game’s fundamental strategies and principles. Participants are expected to have read the ITTF coaching level one manual before the course starts. 

The ITTF introduced a new system of Coach Accreditation in English in 2004 and in French and Spanish in 2005. The ITTF Level 1 Coaching Manual formed the basis, containing syllabus and course material for:
  • Community Leader Course-3 hour
  • School Teacher Course-6 hour
  • Club Coach Course-12 hour
  • ITTF Level 1Course-24 hour
  • ITTF Para Level 1- 6 hours (total of 30 hours)
  • All courses are cumulative.

ITTF Level 1 is the first level officially recognized by ITTF and consists of the following requirements:

  • Attendance at 30 hour course conducted by an ITTF approved Course Conductor
  • 10 minute Coaching Practical presentation during the course. A “PASS” is required to be eligible for ITTF Level 1
  • After the course, 30 hours coaching practice must be completed. This coaching practice should be group coaching, predominantly benefiting the table tennis community or junior or school groups.
  • From the 30 hours coaching practice, 5 hours must be supervised by the ITTF Course Conductor or a person appointed by the ITTF Course Conductor. This supervisor evaluates each coach using the “Confidential Coaching Report” [pages 299-301 of the ITTF Level 1 Manual] This must be approved by the ITTF Course Conductor, who provides the certificates if all requirements are met.
  • 50% of the course will be lecture, 50% on the tables.  You will need to take notes, bring a notepad and something to write with. 

Christian helped develop the Paralympic table tennis course which will be covered the last day of the course.  Coaches that complete the course will be ITTF + PTT Level 1 Coaches.

Also included in the cost of the course is Christian's beginner DVD for all participants.

Course Schedule:

  • The ITTF Level 1 Course will be conducted 3-6pm and 7-10pm on the week days and 9-noon and 1-4pm on the weekends. Dates are July 24th-28th.

Costs: $225.00 per person plus each coach must purchase the ITTF Level 1 Manual, available from for $29.95.  Coaches are responsible for their own transportation and room and board arrangements.  Limited amount of spaces, $100 deposit to hold spot required. Deposit is nonrefundable after June 31st.  The remaining $125.00 is to be paid in full on the first day of the course, July 24th.

If you have any questions, please email me at and I would be happy to help. 

Entry Form – ITTF/PTT Level 1 Course - July 24-28, 2013 limited amount of entries.

First name: _____________________ Last Name______________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: _____________        Zip: ___________________              

Email: ________________________________Phone: __________________________

Are you currently a certified USATT Coach: (Y/N)               If yes, what level: ________

Please make check payable to: Tim Aikey

Please mail form and $100 deposit to:

Tim Aikey, 3609 SE 42nd Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97206

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