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Tip of the Day - The Backhand Sidespin Push

By Larry Hodges | Nov. 20, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Lee Ho CHing

Lee Ho Ching (HKG) at the 2013 German Open Championships

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Larry Hodges

The Backhand Sidespin Push

Tired of your opponent stepping around and looping your pushes with ease? You could try attacking, but we’ll put that aside for now, since you obviously have a reason for pushing. What can you do to stop the opponent’s attack? Why not do a backhand sidespin push? If you’re right-handed, start with your racket a little to the right of the contact point, and brush the ball with a right-to-left motion. The ball will curve to your right, into the opponent’s backhand.

Four things will now happen

  1. Your opponent will misjudge how far to step around, and will get jammed.
  2. Your opponent will try lifting your sidespin push, thinking it has more backspin instead of sidespin, and will loop off the end.
  3. Your opponent will look at you with a strange and quizzical look.
  4. You’ll laugh your head off as you add the point to your score.

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