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Tip of the Day - The No-Spin Backhand Chop

By Larry Hodges | Nov. 19, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Seo Hyo Won

Seo Hyo Won (KOR) at the 2013 Polish Open Championships

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Larry Hodges

The No-Spin Backhand Chop

You’re out of position, and your about to do a backhand chop to stay in the point. But you know your opponent is going to either loop the living daylights out of your chop, or that you’re so out of position that you won’t be able to handle any loop by your opponent. In fact you realize that you need to win the point with the chop!

Solution: Just meet the ball straight on, with a more closed racket than you normally would for chopping, and let the ball sink straight into your sponge. Cushion the impact slightly with a loose grip, and by having almost no forward motion. Then follow through vigorously and downward, like you’ve chopped the living daylights out of the ball when in fact, you’ve just "chopped" a no-spin ball. Result? Your opponent will think there’s a good backspin, will lift the ball when looping, and will go way, way off the end. It’s one of the best "trick" shots in table tennis. (If he pushes, he’ll pop it up as well.)

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