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Tip of the Day - The Quick Backhand Topspin Receive

By Larry Hodges | Nov. 18, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Ai Fukahara

Ai Fukuhara (JPN) at the 2013 German Open Championships

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Larry Hodges

The Quick Backhand Topspin Receive

One of the more effective ways to receive backspin serves to the backhand is with a right-off-the-bounce backhand topspin flip. It’s done just like a regular backhand, except you use your wrist to put a bit of extra topspin on the ball. The trick is to take the ball right off the bounce. By taking it right off the bounce, you won’t have to lift much. Just hit through the ball, using your wrist’s upward flick to compensate for the backspin with sort of a mini-loop. Brush the ball at contact to create topspin, and follow through upward and forward.

Three things that can make this even more effective:

  • Learn to vary between hitting with topspin, and hitting it straight on with little or no topspin. With no topspin, you’ll be less consistent, but the change-up will make up for this.
  • Aim for a wide corner – rush the opponent.
  • Aim one way, and at the last second go the other way.

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