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Tip of the Day - Placement of Aggressive Shots

By Larry Hodges | Nov. 04, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Chen Yutao

Chen Yutao (CHN) at the 2013 Chengdu Junior & Cadet Open

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Placement of Aggressive Shots

Larry Hodges

When attacking, you should generally put all your shots to one of three places: wide forehand, wide backhand, or middle (opponent’s playing elbow). But when should you put the ball to each of these spots?One thing to remember is that most players have a bigger hitting range on the forehand, but are quicker on the backhand.

Wide Backhand: Since most players have less range on their backhands, they can be vulnerable on well-angled shots. However, most players block better and quicker on the backhand than on the forehand. So this is probably, on average, the place you should least attack. (Yet, it is the spot most often attacked.) One exception is if your opponent has a strong forehand counterattack – in which case you want to pin them down on the backhand. Also, if a player is off the table, they are usually weaker on the backhand than the forehand.

Wide Forehand: Most players are not as quick blocking on the forehand as on the backhand. So most players are more vulnerable to attacks here than on the backhand side, unless they back off the table.

Middle: This is where most players are weakest. However, it is also the least attacked spot. Advanced players know this is the often the best place to go, and go there over and over, forcing the opponent to choose between forehand and backhand returns.

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