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Tip of the Day - Inside-out Backhands

By Larry Hodges | Nov. 03, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Isabelle Merziou

Isabelle Lafaye Merziou (FRA) at the 2013 European Para Championships

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Inside-out Backhands

Larry Hodges Want to really tie your opponent in knots not to mention win a lot of points? Aim your backhand crosscourt with a normal backhand stroke. At the last instant, just before contact, push your wrist forward, but let the racket fall behind. Your racket will now be aimed to the opponent’s forehand but your opponent will probably have already reacted to a crosscourt backhand. (Lefthanders, reverse the above.) This is especially good when blocking loops. Watch how often you ace your opponent!

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